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Wpc16: The Best Place to Be for Entertainment and Enjoyment


If you’re looking for the best place to be when it comes to entertainment and enjoyment, then it can be found right here at Wpc16! These are three of the most exciting days of your life that you’ll never forget and which will provide you with memories that will last forever. Enjoy yourself in all the different ways offered by this conference, whether it’s watching the speakers, talking to others in attendance, or just soaking up the atmosphere of this wonderful place. Whether you’re an attendee or a speaker at Wpc16, these three days are guaranteed to be memorable!

Why You Should Attend

WPC 2016 is going to be unlike any of our previous shows. We’re ready for WPC16, and we want you to be there with us. With that in mind, we’ve got something really special planned. This show will be a little bit different from our other shows—less showy, but definitely no less entertaining or enjoyable. In addition to providing a great network of meeting spaces, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, etc., WPC also provides its guests with an opportunity for discovery by highlighting off-the-beaten-path destinations around Atlanta via maps provided in their program guides. There are over 1,000 places listed on these maps and they range from hidden gems to some of Atlanta’s most well-known attractions. Each map has been carefully curated by local experts who know what they’re talking about when it comes to things like food, drink, history, art, shopping and more. If you attend WPC16 in 2016 we encourage you to use these maps as your guide while exploring all that Atlanta has to offer. You can even share your experiences using #WPC16 on social media!

What to Expect at WPC16

Given that it’s summer in Australia, you’re going to want your stay in Melbourne to be as enjoyable as possible. When you attend WPC16, though, we don’t just mean enjoyable—we mean entertaining. From Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, you can expect a host of meetups and parties where fellow attendees are guaranteed to brighten up your week. So whether you want a relaxing stay or an exciting one, start planning ahead by looking into what WPC16 has planned for entertainment and enjoyment. Whether it be a charity dinner or a silent disco on Thursday night, we have an event for every type of person. And if you find yourself needing more than our events can offer, then there’s always nearby shopping and sightseeing opportunities. All in all, WPC16 is sure to be a memorable experience no matter how much fun you plan on having! The first day of WPC16 begins with our opening keynote address, given by none other than Mario Quistnieto himself. Afterward, you’ll have plenty of time to network with other participants before heading out for lunch and an early-afternoon networking event at St Kilda Beach (complete with food trucks). For those who prefer not to spend their first day at a beach party, however, we also have something called The Fringe Networking Event. For only $15 AUD (or $10 USD), you can enjoy a drink from local brewery James Squire while meeting new people. If that sounds like something you might enjoy instead of sunbathing on hot sand, make sure to buy tickets soon!

What We Can Offer You

Here at WPC16, we offer all of your entertainment needs. It doesn’t matter what type of media you are looking for; we have it all. Are you an audiophile? Try out our Audio Solutions. Do you love games? Our Game Pavilion is one of a kind. Also, don’t forget to check out our Event Hall! If there is something specific that you need, don’t hesitate to ask any one of our helpful staff members! We want your experience here at WPC16 to be nothing short of amazing. After all, we’re known as The Happiest Place on Earth!

There are also many reasons why people come to WPC16 year after year. First of all, we offer great value in every single aspect of our services. You can visit with family and friends without having to worry about breaking your budget. Also, if you ever find yourself wanting more than just fun, feel free to explore other areas around campus like shopping or dining—you won’t regret it! Last but not least, everyone who visits us loves our reputation for safety and security. Don’t believe us?

How can we help?

With WPC conferences getting bigger and more exciting every year, it’s easy to get caught up in what you may be missing out on. That’s why we have a team of experts on hand at all times to help you find what you need—whatever that may be. If there’s something happening that doesn’t sit right with you, let us know how we can help. We want WPC16 to be your best experience yet—and we think that starts with knowing how much fun you could have. So keep an eye out for our forums where our crew will make sure anyone looking for some excitement finds exactly what they need. It’s as simple as that! Have a great time!

New features!: What makes WPC different from other conferences is its focus on entertainment alongside education. As part of that effort, we’ve launched new features such as live-streaming content so you don’t miss any amazing talks, plus daily updates to give you a look behind-the-scenes. Make sure to follow us on Twitter They’re just two ways among many to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to having fun during WPC16. There’s never been a better time to start planning your trip!


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