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Why are sports marketing and sponsorship becoming more common in Asia?

Why are sports marketing and sponsorship becoming more common in Asia?

Today, Asia has become a market for multinational brands and companies that can grow their niche beyond what they have always achieved. Many companies recognize that games have an incredible potential to be an effective and profitable marketing tool for the growth of any brand and will certainly surpass the traditional marketing measures that set the bar for all others. . . . Its population is over 100,000.

Brands are able to capture an unbridled passion through sports

that other platforms cannot reach. Sports sponsorship can reach a wide audience across the gap between brand and consumer, allowing people to connect with the sport or its star athletes on a personal and emotional level. This is no longer a pending ad; He becomes the feeding force of the game. Brands can unlock the potential for lifelong loyalty with consumers by investing in relationships instead of advertising, which proves to be a more cost-effective and consistent marketing strategy.

For example, the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, the Southeast Asian football tournament, was watched by 192 million people, with a disproportionate 15 million watching both finals. The massive attendance attracts millions of fans across the region, sell-out crowds in stadiums, fans on social media and many more online viewers. Online advertising at this level has traditionally cost more and generates less visibility and more revenue, according to research.

Sponsorship opportunities affect the marketing side

 of the company and offer an opportunity to increase brand awareness and engagement. The appetite generated by the target market is what the brand relies on to get good funding. By aligning their brand values ​​with sports values, companies can maintain brand trust, influence customers’ spending habits and better benefit from customer relationships.

The right sponsorship has a huge impact on the audience and is likely to increase sales and profitability. So it’s not just jumping in like everyone else, but a careful pre-selection process to ensure that the brand’s visibility and recognition are in line with its core values ​​and goals. 스포츠중계 marketing have changed the visibility of consumers in brands. It spans multiple advertising platforms and reduces your budget, targets and targets a wider audience, and is sure to be more effective than traditional marketing efforts.

Larry Lim writes articles and online newsletters on a variety of topics from internet marketing and education to real estate with a focus on the Southeast Asian region. Currently, he specializes in sports marketing and sports sponsorship.


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