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What Is a Fashion Trend and Fashion Cycle?

What Is a Fashion Trend and Fashion Cycle?

How does something become a fashion statement? What is the fashion cycle? If you want to find the answers to these questions, you are on the right page. When a look, color or item rises in popularity, it becomes fashionable. And then there are other things that can affect performance. Some of these items include textile designers, fashion designers, fashion designers, and celebrity clothing. Let’s see some more.

What is the Fashion Cycle?

Fashion refers to the natural cycle that introduces fashion. At first, it goes up in popularity and down in popularity. In the end, it is rejected by the masses. Let’s take a deeper insight into the five stages of the fashion cycle.


In this segment, a new style enters the fashion world. For example, this introduction can be done during fashion trends week. Alternatively, a celebrity may wear a different outfit during the event. Sometimes, it’s a manufacturer or marketing agency partnership. Also, this type of clothing can be purchased from a few retailers or manufacturers. The price of these clothes is very high.

Stand up

This stage is also called the “acceptance stage”. Usually, when something rises in popularity in the fashion world, it receives a trend label. This is where most designers and directors try these outfits. Influencers may even come from social media platforms. In the meantime, consumer demand for these products continues to rise. Also many retailers and online stores make these clothes available to the public.


At this time, the popularity of the dress reaches new heights. You can find many ordinary people adopting this practice. Most traders will also adopt this approach. In the meantime, the popular garment will be made on a larger scale. And there will be multiple price points.


At this point, the market is getting pretty crowded. This is where the overwhelming popularity of this approach starts to annoy consumers. And this is the point where the popularity of the dress continues to wane.


At this time, the dress is considered unfashionable or old-fashioned. This does not mean, however, that a rejected item will not come back into fashion again. Unfortunately, the fashion cycle means constantly repeating trends.

Let’s take an example. The Jeans lifestyle rose in popularity in the 1940s. However, this trend continued to decline and then rose in popularity again in the 1990s.


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