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What is a Benefit of Using Cloud Computing in Networking?


End users have the freedom to access information and communicate across a business network using personal tools.

The capabilities of the network are expanded without the need for new infrastructure, personnel, or software.

Everyday appliances are becoming connected with technology, allowing them to interact with other devices and become more’smart’ or automated.

Home networking avoids the cost of building data cables by using existing electrical wiring to link devices to the network anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

Correct Answer is: Network capabilities are extended without requiring investment in new infrastructure, personnel, or software

Explanation:Cloud computing improves IT skills without the need for extra infrastructure, human training, or software licencing. These services are delivered on-demand and at a low cost to any device, anywhere on the planet, without compromising security or functionality. BYOD refers to end users’ capacity to access information and communicate via personal devices over a corporate or campus network. Everyday appliances are becoming increasingly connected to smart home technology, allowing them to talk with other devices and become more “smart” or automated. Powerline networking is a home networking trend that uses existing electrical wiring to connect devices to the network everywhere there is an electrical outlet, reducing the cost of installing data cables.

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