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What are Low sperm count symptoms & their different treatments?

What are Low sperm count symptoms & their different treatments?

Low sperm count is a medical condition that causes insufficient sperm production in a male. It is a sign of male infertility and damages the reproductive system. It is a subject of great concern as it affects men not just physically but also emotionally. A man who cannot fertilize his partner’s egg, thereby becoming infertile, has lowered sperm count symptoms. 

lower sperm count symptoms

Low sperm count is also referred to as oligospermia. It can affect both men and women. If you are experiencing infertility due to low sperm count, then there are some natural remedies as well that you can try to improve your sperm count.

Sperm counts generally decrease as a male ages, and also there is no known reason as to why they fall. This blog discusses the different causes, symptoms, and treatments of low sperm count.

What is a Low Sperm Count?

Low Sperm Count is a condition in which a male’s reproductive organ has a problem producing sperm in the body. In this condition, the sperm content of semen is less, which ultimately makes a male unable to conceive a baby. It is a disorder in a male’s sperm production.

What Are The Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

What Are The Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

A low sperm count is defined as fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of sperm. Although it is pretty uncommon, a low sperm count is nothing to ignore. It may be the cause of your infertility. If you are experiencing low sperm count symptoms, you must get tested

Low sperm count is usually caused by either the testicles, the epididymis, or the vas deferens. Causes of a low sperm count may include a blockage of the vas deferens, a genetic problem, a hormonal problem, a problem with the testicles, or a problem with the prostate or seminal vesicles. If you have a low sperm count, you may have a decreased sex drive, fertility problems, and a lack of sexual intercourse. 

What Are The Treatments Of Low Sperm Count

There are different kinds of infertility problems. Depending on what kind of infertility problem you face, you may need to make lifestyle, exercise, or eating changes. You may also need to see a doctor or get other medical care. An infertility problem can be the result of a problem with the male or female. An infertility problem can be due to issues with the sperm, the egg, or both.

Here are the best treatments for Low Sperm Count in Men:


Medicines and drugs are proven to be quite effective in increasing the sperm count in men. It is a painless way of treating such sexual issues as it attacks the exact cause of such a less amount of sperm. Once the doctor takes the test to determine the precise cause of the sexual issue, they will recommend the best possible medicine for you. 

Clomiphene is one of the best medicine to go for low sperm count.


When you are at the initial stage of oligospermia, doctors often prefer you to only go for exercises and physical workouts. Exercises like jogging, swimming, and cardiovascular workouts help improve the body’s blood flow and improve sperm count.

Get sexologist consultation for male infertility.

Get sexologist consultation for male infertility.

If you are a man and have a low sperm count, then you must consult a doctor or a sexologist as soon as possible. Online consultation is one such feature that helps a man find the solution for oligospermia without even stepping out of the house. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a very known name in the field of medical history and a sexologist by profession, offers online consultation to men suffering from sexual dysfunction. He has more than 10 years of experience in the respective field and can identify the root cause of any dysfunction. With his guidance, you can solve any sex-related issue in no time. 

What are The Benefits of Consultation

Online consultation is a very, but at the same time, very effective technique to treat any sexual issue. And with time, almost every medical health sector is providing online counseling facilities to their patients. Not only does it saves your time, but it saves money as well. 

You can ask for any issues just by sitting at home and making a call to your best sexologist doctor.


Male infertility is the inability to cause pregnancy by natural or artificial means. In other words, it is the inability to have a child. Male infertility is a reality that many men have to deal with, and it can be a complicated issue to deal with.

But, with the increase in the number of fertility clinics offering online consultations, it is now possible for couples to seek help from expert doctors without spending a lot of money.


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