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Video Wall Controllers: A Cheap And Easy Way To Create Stunning Video Walls

Video Wall Controllers: A Cheap And Easy Way To Create Stunning Video Walls

After showing you how to build your own projector screen, we figured that you’d want to learn how to control your whole wall of displays so you can create that stunning video wall you’ve always dreamed of having in your office or home theater room. But be careful! You don’t want to spend thousands on video wall controllers from companies like Crestron and AMX, who charge as much as $400 per display for their hardware… …Instead, here are five simple steps on how to build your own video wall controller using open-source software and hardware components that cost just $50 in total.

The Problem:

Video wall controllers were invented in order to allow video walls with multiple displays can be controlled easily and allow for them to be synchronized together. In general, there are two types of video wall controllers: The first type is an encoder which converts your HDMI or DVI signal into a format that’s compatible with your 4K display. These little boxes will not only ensure that all your displays are synced up but also output the correct scaling needed for 4K content.

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The Solution:

It’s not easy to create a large-scale video wall. It takes a lot of time, expertise, and expensive equipment. But if you want a video wall with several sections, it might be cheaper in both time and money by using an intelligent control system that allows you to run everything from one single location. So, instead of having multiple controllers at different points on your display, an intelligent video wall controller can be used instead. This allows users to have total control over multiple sections of displays with only one controller box. The beauty is that these smart boxes also don’t cost much more than regular controllers – if anything at all – so they save users money right off the bat!

What Are We Going To Do Now?

If you’re looking for a way to create massive video walls on a shoestring budget, look no further than inexpensive video wall controllers. These controllers provide an efficient means of controlling multiple screens for both indoor and outdoor environments. They’re easy to use, simple in concept, versatile, and cheap…and they can make your next trade show or event memorable. What are we going to do now?


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