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Various Forms of In Vitro Diagnostic Tests

Various Forms of In Vitro Diagnostic Tests

A diagnostic test, such as a blood or urine sample, is taken at the point of care and is known as an IVD test. It is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that can spot a variety of illnesses. Because of the precision of Wondfo IVD POCT, your patients can have faith in their diagnosis.

Various kinds of IVD POCT

The two types of IVD POCTs are qualitative and quantitative. Testing that evaluates a patient’s symptoms, signs, or laboratory results on an individual basis is referred to as qualitative IVD POCTs . Multiple particular bloods or urine parameters are measured by quantitative IVD POCTs.

The Bartter test and the Schilling test are the two most popular kinds of qualitative IVD POCTs. The Schilling test evaluates serum creatinine levels while the Bartter test examines serum potassium levels.

A variety of specific blood or urine parameters are measured by quantitative in vitro diagnostic tests to see if they fall within normal limits. The glucose tolerance test and the hemoglobin A1C test are two examples of typical quantitative in vitro diagnostic procedures.

How should one get ready for IVD POCT?

There are a few things you can take to ensure the IVD POCT goes as smoothly as possible if you intend to finish it. Here are a few pieces of advice:

– Make sure you are well-rested and get enough sleep the night before the exam. This will improve the accuracy of your IVD POCT responses.

– Consume a balanced diet before the test. This will reduce the possibility of any aberrant blood sugar results during the exam.

– Up your water intake. Particularly before and during testing, this is crucial. The effects of dehydration include fainting and dizziness.


A technology known as IVD POCT has shown substantial promise in the treatment of several diseases and is anticipated to become more well-liked in the coming years. The creation of the Wondfo a1c machines is able to detect more diseases and is very precise, guaranteeing quality control. If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible technology, be sure to check out our website about Wondfo IVD POCT.


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