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Underrated Florida Beaches

Underrated Florida Beaches

Say what you will about Florida quiet places in florida, make it last in the states, defend it to the death, or just make fun of the distractions of college football fans – there’s one thing you can’t hate on its shores. With the largest coastline of any state in the Lower 48—much of it pure, unspoiled paradise—Florida has been America’s winter haven since the holiday season. Or something like that.

Of course, the problem with being America’s beachiest state is that most of the land is in secret. And by the time you’ve chosen your Florida beach vacation spot, it’s already half full in the ACC. But throughout the Sunshine State, there are still a few uncrowded beaches—those outback places whose praises are quietly sung by the locals, but whose beaches are no longer filled with blaring music, fruity drinks, and high-speed cars. Read about Florida’s most underrated beaches, and how to make the most (hopefully) vacation there.

Vero Beach

Losing Dodgertown was certainly a blow to this often overlooked beach town located between West Palm and Cocoa. But give Vero Beach a visit now and you’ll find a relaxing vacation on a steep, narrow beach with few people. Orange juice is plentiful at Vero Beach; in particular, you can cool off with a fresh squeeze from Countryside Citrus, a seafood OJ shop with a taqueria attached. Grab a glass and walk along the sand, then relax at one of the three beach parks that provide shady, quiet spots to escape the sun when it’s strong.

Where to eat and drink nearby: Not strong enough OJ for your Florida beach plans? No problem. Vero’s is also home to one of the best beer coolers in the state at American Icon, a brick brewery housed in an old power plant. While the names aren’t all that original, dinner at the Ocean Grill or Riverside Café will deliver solid steaks and seafood, along with all the water views you need for a beach getaway.

Coquina Beach

There is no sunset like Anna Maria Island. And while downtown Anna Maria has had its day, little Coquina Beach is often overlooked. Professionally located in Bradenton Beach, this powder sand paradise offers the same breathtaking views, Australian pines, and local grills as its famous neighbor. If you’re not ready to cook for yourself, Coquina Beach Café will be happy to serve you fish tacos, burgers, and a generous helping of cold drinks.

Where to eat and drink nearby: While Coquina Beach Café is a convenient place to grab your beach lunch, head up the road to Anna Maria and you can enjoy dining on the sand at the popular Sandbar Restaurant. Plus, Poppo’s Taqueria is a block away and is as close to a beach taco shack as you’ll find in Manatee County.


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