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Trending EHR/EMR Systems

Trending EHR/EMR Systems

Before you make your decision, it’s important to know what each of these systems can do. The features and capabilities of each product can greatly influence the choice you make. The reviews for both programs are important, so you can compare their ratings. These reviews can provide information on the product’s capabilities, customer experience, and demographics. Willingness to Recommend is a rating based on responses to the question, “Would you recommend this product to a friend?”. The percentage of “yes” responses is then calculated.

iSalus EHR is MAC friendly

The iSalus EHR is compatible with MAC computers and is a wonderful addition to any medical practice. The software has numerous features that help improve patient engagement and health outcomes. It also allows you to add new revenue streams to your practice. It provides a streamlined, user-friendly environment and provides multiple links to refresh the information you need. It is easy to navigate and has multiple package price points to suit your practice’s budget.

The iSalus EHR is a complete practice management solution that includes electronic patient records, practice management, appointment scheduling, billing and insurance reimbursement. It is also MAC friendly, so it is easy to use on a Mac. It offers numerous features, including a physician portal, an electronic prescription writing system, and lab and order result management. In addition, it has dashboards for healthcare compliance and automated workflows.

iSalus EHR is flexible and convenient for smaller practices

iSalus EHR is a flexible and convenient EHR system designed for smaller practices. It offers electronic health records for each patient, convenient appointment scheduling, and billing services. It also offers an EHR specifically designed for urologists, UroChoice. It also integrates with Google Maps, numerous labs, and more. In addition to its EHR capabilities, iSalus also offers practice management solutions and revenue cycle management.

The iSalus EHR has an extensive feature set, ranging from patient education and drug and allergy alerts, to electronic billing and prescribing. It can be customized to suit your specific needs and budget. It is also secure, web-based, and accessible through any internet connection. The software also reports a 98% first-time claim submission rate, which helps decrease the amount of time spent on claim corrections and ensures payment for all services rendered.

iSalus EHR integrates with a patient-provider match tool

The iSalus EHR has an extensive set of customizable features to help medical professionals streamline patient care. It also provides convenient access to patient records, improving compliance and health outcomes. In addition, it works as an extension of the care team and helps providers generate additional revenue.

iSalus integrates with a patient-provider matching tool called Find-a-Doc. This tool can also be used as a stand-alone solution.


If you are in the market for an EHR, you might be wondering which one is best for your practice. Both platforms offer similar functionality but have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few things to consider in order to make the right decision for your practice.

DrChrono is a cloud-based EHR that has a variety of features that make it flexible. For example, you can customize note fields and tag them to suit your practice’s needs. It also automatically schedules follow-up appointments. If you’re looking for a complete solution, DrChrono EHR is your best bet. With its affordable pricing, you can try it out risk-free and decide whether it’s right for you.

EpicCare is a large EHR

EpicCare is an EHR that provides a comprehensive solution for medical practice management. It allows physicians and other medical personnel to work together and communicate through patient portals. It is a cloud-based solution and can be used by independent practices, community hospitals, and multi-specialty facilities.

The company has experienced rapid growth in the past decade and now has over 9700 employees. Last year, it had revenues of $2.5 billion. The company has a vibrant corporate campus in Verona, Wis., where it hosts its annual user conference. The company’s executives have worn a variety of costumes at the event.

Allscripts streamlines patient check-in

Allscripts recently announced that it has implemented a telehealth platform to streamline patient check-in and scheduling. This solution allows doctors and other health care providers to provide care to patients in their homes or on the road, with minimal interruption to patients. Moreover, it automates workflows, including the collection of copays, scheduling, and communication. In addition, it integrates with multiple PM systems, including athenahealth.

The ACE conference, held annually in Chicago, is an important event for medical practices. Thousands of Allscripts EMR clients attend the event, which is focused on the future of healthcare, including population health, precision medicine, and interoperability. The event also features thought leadership in population health and healthcare connectivity.


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