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Home Uncategorized Top-shelf suspension hardware from KYB is the highlight of the updated model range

Top-shelf suspension hardware from KYB is the highlight of the updated model range

Top-shelf suspension hardware from KYB is the highlight of the updated model range

Autofun Philippines – With colder weather now good and indeed in the Northern Hemisphere, a large number of motorcyclists are preparing for the cold season, either by storing their bikes or preparing with thermal clothing. In other parts of the world, however, spring is approaching and motorcycling season is about to begin. This is the case for Australia, where spring improves well and summer arrives in December.

As such, Australia’s motorsport and motorsport enthusiasts await as new bikes, equipment and accessories arrive at Land Down Under. A good example is Beta’s refreshed 2023 RR model range, all of which have been beefed up to be stiffer, faster and more engaging to drive. The installation of Kayaba rear shock absorbers is an important change for these models in 2023; Beta Motorcycle Philippines describes this as a significant upgrade to the bike’s suspension.

Beta installed the Kayaba C46 RCU rear shock absorber for the first time, starting a partnership between the two companies. The reinforced rear suspension promises improved racing performance, as well as increased life at high operating temperatures. Thanks to its adjustability, the rear shock absorber can also be adapted for beginner-friendly applications.

At the front, the bike’s forks have now been reinforced to handle more loads, as well as reduce friction, improving overall performance. The suspension now features a 48mm Kayaba AOS sealed cartridge fork with innovative handling methods for the lowest possible internal sliding friction and anodized interior. As before, the fork has compression and rebound damping adjustment features. Of course, the fork is calibrated to run parallel to the newly installed rear shock.

In addition to the suspension, there are also some changes made to specific models in the RR range. For example, the 4T series now features new traction control and a user-selectable electronic management system. Traction and engine control maps can be switched with a switch between the guide tube and the fuel tank. Of course, Beta will not miss the opportunity to get the most out of the best racing components on the 2023 RR model line. Overall, we find race-focused features such as quick-release front axles and enhanced fenders. The bikes also roll on Metzeler tires, the same tire found on Beta’s EnduroGP racing bikes.

About Beta Motorcycle:

Beta is best known for its popularly observed test bikes. In 2005, they released a line of enduro motorcycles using KTM engines. The beta bike has been ridden by world test champions like Jordi Tarrés, Dougie Lampkin, Albert Cabestany and enduro riders Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman. 2018 production is expected to exceed 20,000 motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 480cc.

Beta has its origins in 1904 as a bicycle manufacturing company called “Società Giuseppe Bianchi”, originally based in the town of Via Bellariva and later moving to Florence. The name Beta is derived from the initials of Bianchi, Enzo and Tosi, Arrigo, who ran the company at the time. Currently, the company is run by Lapo Bianchi, great-grandson of Giuseppe Bianchi, the company’s founder. – Off-road motorcycles in the late 1960s with the introduction of the 100cc XC-100 motocross model in 1967. Off-road models were first considered experimental motorcycles. In 2004, Beta entered the 4-stroke enduro market with bikes using KTM engines. By the 2010s, they were producing two-stroke and four-stroke mountain bikes with engines designed by Beta.


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