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Top Influential Business Women in Business History

Top Influential Business Women in Business History

Women have been a powerful force in history for centuries. For instance, in 14th century BCE, Queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt, becoming the first known woman to rule the country for 20 years. In 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became Sri Lanka’s first female head of state, followed by Margaret Thatcher of the UK and Angela Merkel of Germany. These powerful women changed the face of business and society.

Margaret Hardenbroeck

Margaret Hardenbroeck, who arrived in New Amsterdam from the Netherlands in 1659, was an incredible hard worker. She quickly earned a reputation for her business acumen and began acquiring real estate in the colonies. After settling down and marrying Peter DeVries, she continued her work as a business agent for several Dutch merchants. As a result, she was one of the most successful she-merchants in the colony.

Hardenbroeck was one of the first women to be listed as a free merchant in New Amsterdam, and her wealth grew rapidly. Even under the English rule, Hardenbroeck maintained good relations with her new rulers and remained an important figure in New Netherland. She died in 1691 as the wealthiest woman in the country.

Rebecca Lukens

Rebecca Lukens was born in 1820 to a wealthy family, and she grew up working in her father’s iron works. She began studying business and management at an early age and was a great reader. She became a successful executive in a male-dominated industry.

Lukens demonstrated strong leadership qualities from the beginning of her career. She laid the foundation for Lukens Steel by hiring and rewarding her workers. Despite many challenges, she did not give up. She used her survival instincts to find the courage she needed. She even created new jobs to avoid layoffs. For example, she hired workers to fix the dam and work on her farm.

Rebecca Lukens was one of the earliest and most successful female entrepreneurs in the United States. She was the owner of the Brandywine Iron Works from 1825 until 1847. As the first female iron master in the United States, she made the company into a dominant player in the industry. She also founded a freight agency and a warehouse in 1834.

Janice Bryant Howroyd

In addition to being one of the most successful business women in history, Howroyd has a profound impact on the community. She understands that success is best enjoyed by paying it forward, which is why she gives back to other communities by supporting universities through scholarships. She also serves as a mentor to many other women.

Howroyd founded ActOne in 1978, a human resources firm that employs over 2,600 people in 19 countries. The firm began as a small venture with just $900, which she borrowed from her mother and used to buy a fax machine. Eventually, she grew the company into a global business with 17,000 clients and over two thousand employees.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a multi-billionaire who has used her hit talk show to create an empire. The media mogul owns a 42-acre estate in Montecito, California, and has other properties in six states and Antigua. She has also lent her name and influence to several companies, including Weight Watchers, which she helped launch in 1981.

Oprah Winfrey is also an advocate of social causes. She has helped to create nonprofit organizations, including Oprah’s Angel Network, which has raised more than $50 million for charity. These funds have helped fund programs and help vulnerable populations.

mary barra nicole junkermann

In the twenty-first century, Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra have become some of the most prominent businesswomen in the world. Both women are highly successful in their own right, but they also have similar ideals and values. They have both defied social conventions to reach their goals and have become leaders in their fields. Junkermann started out in technology and quickly rose through the ranks at Yahoo. She was promoted to Vice President of Global Human Resources before becoming Vice President of Global Product Development. She eventually became the CEO of Yahoo in 2014.

Junkermann’s early exposure to the business world was important in her development. Her father was an entrepreneur and often took the family to business meetings. When Nicole was just twelve years old, she started translating for him. She credits this early exposure with her early success. Her sister, Liz, has also been successful in the business world.


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