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Home Business The Reputation Defenders – What They Are and What They Do

The Reputation Defenders – What They Are and What They Do

The Reputation Defenders – What They Are and What They Do

If you have ever wondered what the reputation defenders are and what they do, you have come to the right place to find out! Reputation defenders specialize in conducting their own research into negative information published about your business or personal reputation on the Internet. Then, they work to get that content removed from as many search engines and directories as possible so it will no longer appear on a search when your name or business comes up. The goal of the reputation defenders is to ensure that all of the information about you on the Internet leads only to positive mentions about your brand, products or services, and private life.

Who are the Reputation Defenders?

Reputation Defenders is a company that provides strategies to businesses in order to protect their reputation. The company was founded by Brian Rosenbaum, who has over 20 years of experience in the public relations industry. He is passionate about the importance of having a strong reputation for any business because it’s one of their most valuable assets. One of their goals is to have customers feel confident enough in a business that they will trust them with their personal information, which then leads to revenue from those customers. One thing that makes them unique from other companies offering reputation protection is that they provide social media monitoring services as well as monitoring blogs about the company being monitored.

What do they do?

If you were to think about the term  reputation defenders you might be thinking about superheroes who are defending their people from harm. However, this is not what the term means in business. The reputation defenders are the people who are responsible for protecting a company’s reputation or brand name. These defenders may be executives in a company, employees, or PR specialists.

Why should I use them?

Reputation defenders can be a valuable asset for business. Not only do they help protect your good name, but also your bottom line. A reputation defender can also provide legal counsel on what is deemed to be slander or libel, depending on the severity of the offense. The costs will vary based on the company you work with, but typically range from $200-$600 an hour. When hiring reputation defenders, it’s important that they are certified professionals and have experience in this field.

One such group is VERITAS Executive Solutions (VES). These experts have been defending reputations since 1993. When contacted by prospective clients, they take care of all correspondence with the media outlet and keep the client up-to-date on any developments during their investigation.

How much do they cost?

Reputation defenders are a relatively new type of service that monitors the internet for your company’s name and what people are saying about it. This includes social media, forums, blogs, review sites, etc. If someone says anything negative about your company they will contact them to try to resolve the issue. This is an excellent way to protect your reputation online because often times it can be too difficult or time consuming to do this yourself. The cost of reputation defense services can vary greatly depending on what you want them to do; however, they typically range from $500-$2000 per month depending on the needs of the company.

Are they worth it?

Reputation defenders are an essential part of any company’s marketing efforts. The job of the reputation defender is to create a positive online presence for the company, as well as monitor it for negative reviews or feedback. This helps to ensure that your business maintains a good reputation. But how much do these services cost? A lot of companies charge anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000 per month for their services.

But there are some positive reviews out there that say that this cost may be worth it if you want to get ahead in today’s competitive market.


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