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The Best Sports News Websites and Apps

The Best Sports News Websites and Apps

There are several online sports news websites and apps that you can use to keep up with the latest happenings in your favorite sports. These websites offer high-quality content and have a large readership. Bleacher Report, ESPN, The Athletic, 8X Sport, and more. These sites provide great insight into the sports world and will help you make informed decisions about your favorite sports.


ESPN sports news is a leading global sports media brand that is based in Bristol, Connecticut. Its primary focus is to serve sports fans around the world with high-quality content. The network’s programming focuses on local relevance and taps into the sports fan’s passion. The company was founded in 1978 and first aired its first broadcast on September 7, 1979.

ESPN sports news is updated live, providing viewers with up-to-the-minute coverage of major sports events. The network prioritizes sports as well as the development of diverse sports around the world. For example, ESPN provides updates and fixtures on NFL games and NBA games. This enables users to stay updated about their favorite sport while at the same time enjoying live content on the go.

Bleacher Report

If you want to follow the latest sports news, you should download Bleacher Report. This sports news app is available in Google Play and is developed by Bleacher Report Inc. It is very lightweight compared to other similar apps. It is perfect for gamers and sports fans. It offers updates on all kinds of sports.

Founded in 2005, Bleacher Report is owned by Time Warner Company and is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System. It is the leading digital destination for sports content and real-time event coverage. The site boasts an increasing number of premier contributors and lead writers. It produces hundreds of pieces of content per day. Bleacher Report covers all major sports and is popular among sports fans.

The Athletic

The Athletic sports news and analytics app offers you an unrivaled level of detail and expert analysis. The team of journalists at The Athletic offers daily and weekly articles, along with exclusive interviews, draft kits, fantasy guides, and scouting reports. The app also features personalized newsletters tailored to your favorite sports. It is available in both iOS and Android formats, and you can even subscribe to unlimited access without ads.

The Athletic first launched in Chicago and quickly expanded to over 20 markets. Today, it covers 47 markets across North America and the United Kingdom, and it features stories on almost every sport. Its writers are nationally recognized, and it has raised $139.5 million in five funding rounds.

8X Sport

8X Sport is the best place to get the latest sports news, scores, and results. It also features a dedicated section for major sporting events. The 8Xbet often owns the TV rights to a major sporting event, so you can be sure to get the best coverage of that event. 8X Sport also offers podcasts and exclusive content on the 8X iPlayer.

The 8X app is not the easiest to use. It is not easy to navigate, and the app does not have a very user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the content tends to focus on sports that the 8X chooses to cover. For example, US basketball gets far more airtime than Scottish football’s top division. However, it is difficult to criticise the 8X ‘s decision to focus on certain sports.

The Guardian

When it comes to sports news, few newspapers can match The Guardian’s coverage. It’s printed in full colour, and is the first UK newspaper to use the Berliner format. It also produces supplements in a variety of sizes, including pocket-sized A5 editions. There’s even a free comment section that features columns from journalists and opinion pieces from the paper’s readership.

Kelner has worked as the Guardian’s chief sports reporter since 2016, and has covered several major sporting events. She was the first journalist to uncover the Russian doping scandal. She has also reported on football, rugby league and the Rio Olympics.


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