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The Best Pinterest Story Downloader You’ve Never Heard Of

The Best Pinterest Story Downloader You’ve Never Heard Of

Recently, Pinterest has released the Story feature where users can save photos and videos on their profile that will be deleted after 24 hours, similar to Instagram stories. As an avid Pinterest user myself, I was instantly interested in this new feature and wanted to try it out right away. However, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds… I couldn’t download my stories! Fortunately, there are many apps out there that allow you to do just that – here’s one that I recommend! Let me introduce you to the best Pinterest story downloader out there! . . . etc…

Here’s what this app can do

It is the best pinterest story downloader that we’ve never heard of. With a few clicks, you can download your favorite pinterest stories and videos to watch offline. The app is compatible with PC and Mac computers, as well as phones and tablets. Downloading your favorite stories couldn’t be easier:

-Download the free app from the store

-Open up the app and sign in with your email address or Instagram account

-Type in keywords for what you want to see (or find them with the search bar)

-Click on download next to your desired story or video for it to be saved on your device!

Here are some examples

Have you ever wanted to download your favorite pinterest story so that you could show a friend or share with a family member? There are many different pinterest story downloaders out there, but if you don’t want to spend money and have time to wait, we recommend downloading the Stories on app. It’s free and quick to use. Just open the app and search for your favorite story. Click on it and hit Save in the bottom left corner of the screen. When it finishes loading, click on Open next to the saved file in order to see your new offline copy of that story. Then just scroll down until you find what you’re looking for! Now all of your favorite stories can be accessed anytime, anywhere!

Here are some cons

-It is unable to download recent stories.

-It can only be used on one story at a time.

-There is no search function for stories.

-Sometimes, it crashes while you’re using it.

Opt for pinterest story downloader – Second Paragraph: While downloading stories directly from an application might be what many people dream of, there are some disadvantages to doing so. For instance. This program has a few benefits though: One of its biggest benefits is that it allows you to download your photos even if you are offline.

Here is how you can get this app

Pinterest has been around for a little over 8 years now, and it’s arguably one of the most popular social media sites in existence. The site is full of inspirational pins and you can use it as a design board or to find new ideas. It sounds great, but there are some downsides to using this site. For example, you can’t download pictures from Pinterest unless you have an account with them. That’s why we went ahead and found the best pinterest story downloader out there!


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