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The Advantages of Point-of-Care Testing for Pregnancy

The Advantages of Point-of-Care Testing for Pregnancy

Pregnancy tests can be a little difficult, and occasionally you may worry if the results are accurate. Utilizing IVD POCT is essential since it will provide you with an immediate, precise read of your data, allowing you to choose exactly what to do next.

What is the IVD POCT?

Using a point-of-care pregnancy test is a quick and simple way to find out if you are pregnant. It is a quick and simple approach to receiving the findings without having to go to a doctor or clinic.

Advantages of a POCT during pregnancy

Although pregnancy tests might be entertaining, what happens if you are unable to visit a doctor for a blood test? Point of care testing (POCT) for pregnancy is now accessible for home use. Because IVD POCTs are rapid and easy to use, you can get accurate results without going to a doctor or clinic. Some advantages of doing a POCT during pregnancy are listed below:

To begin with, they are effective. A POCT for pregnancy can be performed in only three minutes, which is much faster than waiting for test results.

Second, point-of-care tests are less expensive than lab tests. Additionally, many pharmacies will give you a free or inexpensive POCT if you buy extra medicines from them.

Third, there is no risk of chemical exposure with IVD POCT. The chance of exposure to harmful drugs is decreased because pee is used in these tests rather than blood.

Fourth, it’s easy to use POCTs. Simply fill a cup with all of your urine. The test will then look at your pee, analyze the findings, and give you a prompt answer.

Why Use the Wondfo Pregnancy Test?

HCG monitoring can assist us in assessing the pregnancy’s health and status, particularly during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, when the majority of losses occur. The extremely accurate pregnancy test from Wondfo can spot the early shift in HCG, warning the expectant mother and her family to get help right away if things get complicated. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to pregnancy test strips, Wondfo also provides rapid flu test products to provide more comprehensive detection protection for pregnant women.


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