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Reasons Why Plushies Should Be a Part of Your Sleeping Routine

Reasons Why Plushies Should Be a Part of Your Sleeping Routine

Plushies are an underutilized and underappreciated tool to help the process of getting to sleep on time and staying asleep throughout the night. They have several benefits that are not found in any other form of bedding, which can lead to healthier, happier mornings and nights—what more could you ask for? Consider these reasons why plushies should be a part of your sleeping routine.

Research on the Benefits of Plushies

The act of hugging a plushie can reduce stress, provide comfort and make you feel more secure. Hugs release oxytocin and serotonin into the body, which both help to regulate moods. The act of snuggling with a stuffed animal also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for feelings of safety, security and happiness. Additionally, cuddling up with one’s favorite toy creates an environment that is similar to being back in the womb—a place that many people find comforting. When all else fails and it’s too hard to get out bed, reaching for your favorite plushie can be the difference between staying in bed or getting up to face the day. If I don’t want to stop watching Netflix but need a break from binge-watching my go-to has always been going over to my kawaii store.

How to Use Them for Better Sleep

One way to use plushies is to have them be your sleep buddy. They can provide you with the comfort and company that you need at night when it’s hard to fall asleep. When cuddling with your plushie, try breathing deeply and soothing yourself before going to bed. Another strategy for sleeping better with a plushie is by visualizing as if you are actually in the scene from the movie or book that you’re reading. The act of imagining this will help calm down your mind and body so that you can drift off into slumber land easier. For those who prefer their own private space, place a kawaii plush on the pillow next to you and then hold its hands. Notice how this position makes you feel calmer because it resembles holding hands with someone else?

A third suggestion for getting some sleep is by carrying around an extra teddy bear in case of emergency situations. Use these stuffed animals as companions during times where stress gets too much for you and causes sleeplessness. After all, they always say misery loves company!

Tips for Buying and Caring For Them

Choose a plushie that looks like your favorite animal or superhero. This will give you something to look at when you are drifting off to sleep and help you feel more relaxed.

Pick an animal plushie if you want to calm down and think things through, while picking a superhero plushie if you want to be more excited before bed.

Make sure your new friend is the right size for your bed. Too big and it will take up too much space, too small and it won’t be as comforting. – When buying a Kawaii plush make sure they have tags so you know they’re safe to snuggle with.

Keep your fluffy friends in their bag until the time comes, otherwise they might get dirty!

If you’re going to buy one online, make sure they don’t have any of these qualities: tears in ears, stuffing poking out from seams, or missing buttons.

Don’t forget about them! You should plan on spending time with them every day because this can keep you entertained. Plus who doesn’t want their kawaii friend there by their side?


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