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Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional steam cleaning company to clean your carpet. One of the most important decisions when cleaning carpets is which method to use. An experienced carpet cleaning technician can help you make better carpet cleaning decisions. A carpet cleaning technician can help you decide if your carpet is suitable for certain cleaning methods and if the stains require a more thorough method of removal. The most popular carpet cleaning methods are steam, dry cleaning and deep shampooing. Let’s take a look at three common carpet cleaning methods used today.

Each carpet cleaning method is different and each has its own benefits.

Achieving the best carpet cleaning results largely depends on the experience of the cleaning technician. When you hire a carpet cleaning company, you need to make sure that their technicians are qualified and experienced. The knowledge and experience of the carpet cleaning technician helps clean and sanitize the carpet.

Steam cleaning

Also known as the hot water extraction method, this is the most common carpet cleaning method used by professional carpet cleaning technicians. Steam carpet cleaning combines hot water cleaning solutions with wet vacuuming. Technicians use either a heavy-duty portable electric steam cleaner or a truck stand. Both options are very effective at vacuuming dirt under the carpet and removing small stains. Some carpet cleaners prefer a truck-mounted machine for the simple reason that it’s easier to heat up and vacuum.

Chemical cleaning

Carpet cleaning experts consider dry cleaning a safe carpet cleaning solution because there is no risk of taste residue. A carpet cleaning technician applies a dry powder to the carpet to clean and vacuum. Most carpet cleaning companies currently focus on using organic powders only.

Shampoo cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners that use this method require the use of a shampoo solution. The cleaning solution absorbs the dirt removed from the carpet. A carpet  Rengøringshjælp  technician completes the removal of dirt with a heavy machine. The drying time of this system is faster than the others.

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