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Online Sports News in Vietnam

Online Sports News in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are many sites that offer online Sports news. Some of the most popular are 8X, YeuTheThao, and BongDa. Of these, BongDa is the largest site dedicated to football in the country. In fact, it ranks among the top 30 most visited sites in the country. These sites have also expanded their reach into the mobile market and have recently launched mobile applications. In fact, Diadiem Vietnam 2.0 is one of the most downloaded free applications for the iPhone in Vietnam.


YouSport online sports news in Vietnam aims to inform and entertain consumers.8xbet Its extensive coverage of all major sports events across Vietnam makes it a great choice for sports enthusiasts. The site also offers betting and sports prediction games. For fans of the Viet Nam boxing scene, it also features a schedule of upcoming matches. Vietnam’s growing sports media industry presents a unique opportunity for sports brands, and smart brands can leverage the growing popularity of the Vietnamese audience to their advantage.


There are a variety of online sources for Vietnamese sports news. Popular sites include Thao 247, BongDa, and YeuTheThao. BongDa is a Vietnamese media website focused on football, and features information about local leagues and soccer. The site also features live reporting and video content.


The 8X online sports news in Vietnam website provides news and updates about all sporting events in the country. It also offers betting games and sports predictions. Besides, it also features a schedule of Viet Nam boxing matches. The prospect of becoming a popular sports brand in Vietnam is exciting. Smart brands can leverage the opportunities to cultivate a relationship with Vietnamese super fans and sports media consumers.

YEU THE THAO is a popular website in Vietnam that delivers fresh news in the world of football. The site has a 24-hour service and features information from both the international and domestic Vietnamese football leagues. It also offers a variety of information on other sports, such as basketball, martial arts, and gaming.
Tuoi Tre News

If you are interested in sports news and you’re in Tuoi Tre, Vietnam, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find an English Epaper with news about sports, entertainment, and society in Tuoi Tre. You can also find coverage of national and international news. The newspaper is also available in Vietnamese.

Soha news is an online news portal based in Vietnam that gathers the latest news stories. The site was founded in 2013 and has several sections that cater to readers’ interests. It also offers an app for Android devices.
Nhan Dan Online

Nhan Dan Online has upgraded its website and English version to reflect the latest trends in multimedia journalism. The site also features more user-friendly utilities and visual enhancements. The main colour has been changed to red, and the site has been designed to be easy to navigate.
Thao 247

Thao 247 is a Vietnam-based online sports news portal that focuses on football but also covers other sports. Users can check out the latest news and scores, and view live reporting. The site also offers video content. In addition to football news, the site provides information about local soccer leagues, players, and scores.


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