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MP3 buying guide

MP3 buying guide

The modest CD was invented in the 80s. Time to ditch archaic media and switch to electronic storage, right? A good MP3 or MP4 player these days is much more than just that. These small devices are also multipurpose power tools. Many have FM (recording), the ability to view photos, videos, act as a speaker and portable recording device. The market is full of different types, brands, memory capacities, functions and price options (including China). And that’s exactly why this buying guide should help you.

Basic requirements

The media player is definitely not for everyone. These players come in different shapes and sizes, use different types of memory and support different formats. So the idea is to fulfill both your requirements and your budget and then buy a suitable multimedia player. In general, the market offers many PMP-based multimedia players with huge storage space for large data such as music, videos, pictures, etc. Also, if you want something light and small, you can get a flash-based toy that is more durable, smaller and more durable. Also, HDD based players give you more megabytes for every rupee you spend.

What type?

If you want to take your Youtube to MP3 player with you on morning runs and warm-ups at the gym, a flash-based player would be ideal because it won’t skip a beat, withstands shocks and temperature changes, and is simple. Worn due to their smaller size. In addition, they are designed to provide ease of use without moving parts and battery backups. Some examples of small flash-based players include Creative Zen Stone Plus, iPod Shuffle, Samsung U3, river iFP-899, Zune HD, and Clip. To ensure sweating without discomfort, the instrument is designed to be attached to clothing or the arm for daily practice.

New to the list is the new Sony NWZ-W250 series, which is also suitable for people looking for something fashionable while sweating. The set is equipped with a new and improved waterproof exterior and design that makes it comfortable during training. In addition, the player is stylishly portable and completely free of tangled wires, providing maximum comfort and less stress during practice.

There are larger flash-based players with color

 Music lovers with a large music collection can choose an 80GB or 120GB player, such as the Apple iPod Classic, Creative Zen Vision M, or Microsoft Zune. These players tend to have larger screens, extra features like games, Wi-Fi and host, and longer battery life to keep you company on long trips.

Among portable multimedia players with up to 80 GB of memory, you can find the arches 605 Wi-Fi PMP and the Arches 704 Wi-Fi PMP. The versions sit between the computer and the TV and help stream content from the computer to the PMP. Other versions also support recording TV shows and songs and videos.

How much storage space?

You always need more, you should remember that. Get the most storage you can afford, and when the player has a card slot for additional memory expansion, it’s nothing! If you have more memory, you can transport more files, but you can also easily transport higher quality (high bitrate) files. A plus is that the extra capacity can be used as a portable storage space. As a general rule of thumb, 1MB of memory will give you about a minute of music playback with standard quality files. If you watch a lot of videos on your device, the amount of space you need increases dramatically.

Not just sound, I want more… If, in addition to music, you need to view pictures and play video, then flash-based players now have many options. Almost every flash memory player with a large color display supports popular photo and video formats. Keep in mind that many of these players will not natively play any video files stored on your computer. You need to convert them to a smaller size and compatible format using the (usually) supplied software.


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