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Mobile App Developers for Hire – What would be the Costs?

Mobile App Developers for Hire – What would be the Costs?

When it comes to hiring mobile app developers, the hiring cost and the project budget are specifically the most crucial aspects. It also depends on whether you need to build an app from scratch or require a new integration, whether you want to go with native platforms or cross-platform/hybrid solutions. 

Finally, you need to hire mobile app developers with advanced skills for your comprehensive project. There are many mobile app development budget-generating tools to help you discover the cost of hiring developers or outsourcing to third-party vendors.

How to Calculate the Mobile App Development Cost?

Focus on the below-mentioned aspects when you calculate the cost of your mobile app development project. 

  • App’s complexity 
  • Supported mobile platforms and devices
  • Third-party integration
  • Use of visual items
  • Use of smartphone hardware features 
  • Maintenance strategy 
  • Location of app developer 
  • Experience and proficiency 
  • Type of app development 

Extra factors impacting the app maintenance cost

  • Hosting 
  • Monitoring
  • Marketing and Engagement 
  • App updates 
  • Licenses 

Cost of Hiring App Developer 

When a business wants to employ developers for its mobile app development, it should also focus on the cost increase from this recruitment. 

According to Indeed, organisations must pay $89,000 per year when it comes to hiring a US-based app developer. Translating from a native to USD currency, Australia is second with $76,000, and Germany is third with $66,000. 

It is more cost-effective to hire mobile app developers in India and other nations’ regions because of the economic variations. However, the service cost should not be the only identifying aspect in a business’s decision to hire a developer. Other aspects like previous client feedback and specialisation in specific technical areas also are considered. 

Benchmark for App Development Costs  

Nowadays, the most significant factor is app complexity, randomly categorised as simple, medium, and complex. 

Let’s look at the cost of hiring an app developer from the US on complexity levels. 

  • Simple app development costs $16,000-$32,000
  • Medium-complex app costs $32,000-$48,000
  • The complex app costs more than $72,000
  • Hire app developers who are US-based costs $105,000/year 


Region-wise prices per hour

Region Cost (Excluding Extra costs)
North America $30 to 70 per hour 
Latin America $20 to 50 per hour 
Middle East $40 to 70 per hour 
Eastern Asia $20 to 60 per hour 
Southeast Asia $10 to 40 per hour 
Western and Northern Europe $25 to 60 per hour 
South, North, and Central Europe $30 to 60 per hour 
Oceania $40 to 70 per hour 
Africa $25 to 40 per hour 

Average hourly rates based on experience and proficiency 

  • Junior iOS Developers – They cost more than $15 to $30 as along with basic programming languages like Swift and XCode IDE, they are proficient in one or more frameworks and APIs. 
  • Junior Android Developers – They cost more than $15 to $25 as along with basic programming languages like Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio IDE, they are proficient in error monitoring and app complexity management. 
  • Junior React Native Developers – They cost more than $15 to $25. They have superior knowledge of JS and expertise in cross-platform app development.  
  • Junior Flutter Developers – They cost more than $15 to $25. They are well-trained to work on Dart programming language and SDK that let you develop stunning app designs.  

Note that hiring app developers costs and other costs mentioned above are just an estimation. They offer just a bird’s-eye view of approx what your mobile app development project’s budget looks like according to the app’s complexity.

The above-mentioned price excludes the costs of app upgrades, which are a significant element of each mobile app’s lifecycle and vary greatly according to the version and the importance of every update. 

How to calculate the app developer price? 

It is quite challenging to have a thorough understanding of the cost calculation process when it comes to hiring an app developer. Any mobile app development cost calculation contains two crucial components: 

Hourly rate of developers * Overall development time = Mobile Application Cost  

The second variable affects largely the cost structure as a developer who initially costs more may take less time to build an app, and his prices will eventually be cheaper not to mention the code quality. 

For example,

  • $30/hr * 180 hrs = $5400
  • $55/hr * 140 hrs = $7700

Cost Calculators 

  1. Clever road calculator
  2. Build fire calculator 
  3. Estimate my app calculator
  4. Inoxoft calculator 
  5. How much to make an app calculator
  6. Andreasley calculator
  7. Litslink calculator 
  8. Digitalya calculator  

In a Nutshell 

When companies calculate the mobile app development cost, they consider the development team’s location and the app’s complexity. Both factors have a significant influence on the whole development and the hiring of an app developer cost. 

Building an app for iOS and Android platforms simultaneously is a Smart choice for organisations that want to go remote. 

Since infrastructure is the most costly component of mobile app development, businesses should try to save money on things including data storage, scalability, third-party API integration, etc. 


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