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Latest Hunting Game News Sites in Thailand

Latest Hunting Game News Sites in Thailand

Thailand is a very popular destination for hunters and wildlife lovers. The country has a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants and leopards. While hunting in Thailand is a very popular activity, there are some warnings for hunters, such as the fact that the laws regarding hunting are not always enforced. For example, there have been cases of poaching and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Animals protected by Thai hunting laws

Thai hunting laws are meant to protect animals from being hunted. 8xbet Currently, 19 different species of wildlife are protected under the law. These species include the marbled cat, the Sumatran rhinoceros, and the Javan rhinoceros. Some of Thailand’s wildlife are listed as endangered or critically endangered, meaning that hunting them is illegal.

Thai hunting laws protect wild animals such

Elephants and tigers from becoming the target of commercial activities. Unfortunately, some elephants are poached and trafficked to Thailand. However, wild elephants are protected under Thailand’s national animal laws and CITES treaty. Thai hunters must respect the laws or risk being convicted of animal cruelty.

The Wildlife Preservation and Protection

Act of 1989 bans the hunting of elephants in Thailand. It also prohibits the trade of ivory from wild elephants. While the law has been in effect for nearly a century, the wildlife trade of elephants has declined significantly over the last few years. This change is the result of increased security measures. Since 2012, all domesticated Thai elephants must be microchipped and their DNA registered in a national database. This is a key step in preventing illegal wildlife trade.

There are also strict penalties for violating Thai hunting laws

The National Legislative Assembly has proposed several amendments to the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, which addresses hunting and poaching of protected animals. The amendments include increased penalties for those who violate the law.

Safety warnings for hunters

Hunters must be alert and focused on the task at hand. Getting carried away with hunting can quickly derail safety efforts. It is also important to be alert in case you come across a potentially lethal animal. The key to a successful hunt is being prepared to make a shot in the right moment.

Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary

The Thungyai Naresuaan Wildlife Sanctuary is a world heritage site and the latest hunting game news in Thailand is that a construction tycoon is serving a six-year prison term for poaching in this sanctuary. His conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court. His two co-defendants were also sentenced three years ago.

This wildlife sanctuary is home to many species that are endemic and rare

There are species of Indo-Burmese and Chinese affinities that are found nowhere else in the world. Because of this, the sanctuary is a prime conservation area. The wildlife is abundant and there is a wide range of habitats and flora.

The sanctuary is located in the southern

Part of the Dawna Range, near the western national border of Thailand with Burma. It stretches from the Sangkhla Buri District in Kanchanaburi Province to the Umphang District in Tak Province.

The incident in Thungyai sparked public

Discontent with the military regime, leading to a student-led revolt to challenge military rule. The incident ended on October 14, and it was a high-profile case.

Wildlife researchers are in a race against time. The threat of poaching and deforestation has threatened the existence of many endangered species. Wildlife researchers in Thailand are working hard to prevent this from happening. Many government and NGO personnel are involved in this field. The research takes place in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.


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