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Large porcelain tiles enhance the interior environment

Large porcelain tiles enhance the interior environment

Aim for simple results that often result in powerful aesthetics! The Domino Porcelain Tile Collection achieves minimal results with black and white and matte and glossy shades. The shape and size guarantee an impressive decoration. Large format porcelain tiles make life easier with many benefits such as easier cleaning with less mess.

White Dominant Porcelain

Wet areas such as bathrooms are ideal for waterproof porcelain. Do not make the grout exactly the same size and shape as the tile. Stucco is also easy to clean by regularly spraying with vinegar or a mild solution of bleach. Place around a clean white shower for good results.

Porcelain Domino Matte Black

The bathroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, according to the current opinion. The larger design offers a clean space with few lines, which is very relaxing. If the color shade is the same, the result is the same extension of the same shade. ace porcelain panels safer in wet areas such as less slippery showers.

White Dominant Porcelain

Order is the hallmark of a beautiful room design and the space looks well organized. The room seems larger than the similarity of the design. The white porcelain tiles on the bathroom wall create an electric effect with the large design of White Domino tiles. It is an elegant and modern design that is simply irresistible, beautiful simplicity.

Black Domino Porcelain

Even in a smaller room, large patterned tiles create a painting of a larger space! The advantage is that there are fewer side lines to cut the field of view. This is a high contrast black and white effect that creates a balanced environment in the bathroom.

Black Poland Domino Porcelain

Cover your kitchen floor with this unique glossy black tile. Large format tiles are designed for larger spaces. The large tiles were installed very quickly. A wonderful kitchen environment is created with this excellent product. Tables and cabinets are generally attractive parts of the design plan, but the tiles dominate.

The Domino porcelain collection is so durable and long-lasting that it takes the stress out of planning and design. High traffic kitchens and bathrooms need not worry about the waterproof properties and low maintenance porcelain. Here’s to the age of happy porcelain.

The Inspiration Gallery takes you through the entire Domino collection after the few samples you know. In addition to tiles with impressive large designs, other sizes and designs are also available to suit personal and aesthetic needs. Choose classic black and white tiles to experience elegant and simple pleasure.

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