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How to Upgrade Your Trade and Conference Space with a Video Wall System

How to Upgrade Your Trade and Conference Space with a Video Wall System

When you’re looking to upgrade your trade and conference space, there are plenty of considerations to make before deciding on the right video wall system to purchase. Whether you’re putting together an in-house training space or want to create an exciting environment in which guests can learn more about your company, there are certain features and characteristics to look out for when determining which one will work best for your space and needs. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us! We have everything from KiwiSign LED Video Walls to Plasma Video Walls and lots of other options available, depending on your specific needs.

What Is The Best Way To Communicate With People In A Conference Hall?

Imagine you’re giving a presentation at a conference hall. How do you best communicate with people in the audience? The most common solution is to use an overhead projector, which can be used for presenting slides and other visuals. But what if there’s not enough room for the projector or it’s too dark? If these are problems that concern you, then it might be time for an upgrade. A video wall system is just what you need. Video walls are like giant digital displays that span one or more entire walls of the conference hall, making them perfect for presentations because they provide ample space for showing graphics and videos.

What Are The Benefits Of A Video Wall System?

A video wall system is a perfect way to upgrade your trade or conference space. Not only can you use this system for presentations but also for branding. The screen displays images from multiple sources in one image, which will make it easier for you to share information about your company with guests. Plus, the sleek design of the KiwiSign video wall system will make any space look modern and stylish.

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Where Can I Place My Screen?

The first thing to think about is where your screen will be placed. Many spaces have walls that are already designated for a large screen, so all you have to do is find out if there are any restrictions on where the screen can be installed. You might also want to consider what size of video wall you want because this will determine where the screen goes in relation to the audience. For example, larger screens will work best on opposite walls while smaller screens might look better closer together.

What Should I Consider When Selecting A Device For My Video Wall Screen?

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the right device for your video wall screen. Since there is not just one perfect solution, it’s important that you find the best match for your needs. Here are some of the more important considerations:

  1. Size of your space 2. Resolution/Pixel Density 3. Support for HDMI 4. Touch Screen 5. Mounting Options 6. Customization Options 7. Cost

What Kind Of Displays Can Be Used On My Videowall Screen?

We have three different styles of displays that can be used on your video screen: LCD, LED, or OLED. There are many differences between these three technologies, but the main difference is in their brightness. Our LCD display is brighter than an LED display, but not as bright as an OLED display.

Which LED Screens Can Be Used For Videowall Applications?

There are many advantages of LED screens for videowalls, but in order for the screen to be used for videowall applications, it has to have specific properties. They need to be thin enough so that the screen can be mounted on a wall or ceiling; they need to have a high resolution (1080p or higher) so that videos can be played from various angles without distortion; they need to have good color reproduction and viewing angles, which is important if there are multiple viewers. In addition, it is necessary that the LEDs do not emit much heat because this could cause issues with the surface that is mounted on – there needs to be enough space between the LEDs themselves and any other object.

What Type Of Software Will Drive My Videowall Display Setup?

There are many different types of software that can be used to drive your videowall display setup. The most popular options include: -VideoWall Player, which is a native app that was designed specifically for running videowalls in the best way possible. -MediaSign, which is another native app that can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems. -KiwiScreen, which is an all-in-one platform that offers collaboration features in addition to video wall screen management features.


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