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How to Set up an Outdoor Movie Night

How to Set up an Outdoor Movie Night

Summer is a season that revolves around outdoor fun—but it doesn’t have to be limited to backyard parties and pool parties. Instead, take advantage of the warmer weather and capture a night of outdoor filming. “Maybe it’s the big screen, the stars overhead, or the novelty of being outside in a blanket with your [family and] friends,” says event planner and lifestyle expert, Camille Styles , “but there’s something about outdoor film. It’s like that.” much more enjoyable than sitting around the television.” [inside].”

Want to insert a film into a traditional summer convention, instead? Accept the title of the film. “A movie-themed dinner party can be a fun, offbeat event. Have a movie in the background while enjoying dinner al fresco,” says the entertainer and event planner Elisa Marshall, creative director at maman.

While hosting an outdoor movie night may require more planning—and shopping—than one at the backyard movie night or in your living room, you can plan these parties on a budget. Use only the furniture and appliances you already own and stick to easy money, and put your dollars toward convenience-oriented gadgets that turn your yard into an entertainment destination.

Essential Accessories and Decoration You Need

A big purchase for any outdoor movie night is an outdoor screen, projector, and speaker—but creating a comfortable, sturdy seating area is also key, so you need to invest in that part, too.

Screens, Projectors and Speakers

Styles mean you have several options when choosing your screen. You can go the inexpensive, DIY-way by buying a fabric drop mat, then using rope, tent poles and tent poles to raise it—or you can buy an inflatable screen for of simple structure. When buying a projector for your movie night, make sure it’s built for outdoor use and has built-in speakers—or get a bluetooth-compatible speaker separately, Styles says.

Lounge Friendly Furniture

When purchasing furniture, keep in mind that comfort, durability, and functionality are the most important factors for outdoor movie nights. “Other essentials are beanbag chairs, cozy blankets, a kitchen cart and a fire pit,” say Stefan and Maegan Bucur, Rhythm of the Home interior designers. Styles emphasizes that if you’re willing to cut costs, organizing your living space can be easy: “You don’t have to buy a whole new set of furniture. Make the space cozy with a rug.” a comfortable outdoor and some great throw pillows.” . . . . ,” he says.

Better yet, make your entertainment shine like furniture. Marshall suggests using cool little things like side tables. This gives guests a comfortable place to sit—and allows drinks to be served seamlessly. (As Marshall said, getting in and out of beanbag chairs isn’t always easy.)

Outdoor-Friendly Movie Snacks

What’s a movie night without a lot of goodies? Go for a buffet-style setup—it’s an easy way to serve a variety of foods and mimic the theater experience. “I love having a ‘concession’ buffet in the back yard so guests can fill up on popcorn, soda, and candy as needed,” says Sylvia Fountaine, CEO and founder of Feast at Home. “Fill the bowls with candy like Red Vines, M&Ms, or any movie clips so no one has to deal with messy plastic during the big event.” If you’re worried that squirrels or other backyard critters might try to steal your party, glass jars are another foolproof way to serve.


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