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How to Get 100,000+ Organic Facebook Likes

How to Get 100,000+ Organic Facebook Likes

I’ve always had a bias against social media.

Until a few years ago, I didn’t consider it a “real” market channel.

I’m convinced now of the contrary.

In 2014, I reached out to my good friend Lawrence Watkins of Great Black Speakers because I was amazed by his popularity on Facebook.

In the past, he had 30,000-page likes.


He has more than 138,000.

If you’re interested in learning more about his Facebook page’s success, Check out my interview with him from 2014 below.

I was amazed when Lawrence informed me that he didn’t use advertising to attract those likes.

Not only that, his Facebook page drove more and more businesses through traffic and email subscriptions.

However, the problem with using social media for business owners is that it’s a long-term endeavor.

It takes constant commitment as you will not get immediate outcomes through your efforts.

However, sometimes you’ll see in a friend of mine, Lawrence, that the outcomes are worth the effort over time.

It appears that the information Lawrence gave me in 2014 remains equally applicable today.

In this post, I’ll show you some techniques I’ve learned through Lawrence to build organic Facebook likes for your company page.

I hope this helps to expand your reach and ultimately helps you to win more leads and increase sales click here.

I’ll also discuss:

The advantages of having your own Facebook Page for your company.

What kinds of businesses is it suitable for?

How can you increase the number of Facebook likes organically?

The best part is knowing how to evaluate the results to ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted.

I’ve also included some examples of posts on Facebook and the content bringing companies real organic growth.

If you’ve got an account on Facebook that you’re trying to expand, prepare to make notes.

Should You Create a Facebook Page?

The first question that any business needs to ask before investing in creating a Facebook Business Page is.

Can an account on Facebook help me grow my company?

It is a waste of time if you don’t know how Facebook will help increase your sales. This is why it’s a crucial first question to ask.

These are the most important benefits of having a Facebook Page for your business Page:

Traffic –

Being a loyal, committed fan base of Facebook followers is associated with increased traffic to website referrals to your site via Facebook.

Email list growth

Since marketing through Facebook Business Pages Facebook Business Page is best considered in terms of “demand generation” rather than the generation of leads (since you’re not looking to get a direct response from the bottom line), It’s simple to direct your followers to Facebook to landing page offers that lead to an increase in email sign-ups.

Leads –

After you’ve created an audience on Facebook through your page, you can make offers on the occasion that bring about a quick response. This could include requests for consultations or purchases. But, direct deals will not be as effective as indirect ones (such as offering a free ebook or report that you can download). These indirect offers provide the chance to inform and engage potential clients.

Consider it as the steps of a procedure.

The goal is to move people to lower levels of education and engagement to higher and higher levels of knowledge until they become customers.

Sales –

Sales are directly related to leads that you generate. A rise in charges usually results in growth in sales, too. For B2C businesses where the purchase amount is lower than B2B firms, they can send sales messages straight to their Facebook followers.

In this case, an increase in the number of users on a Facebook Business Page often correlates with an increase in sales. B2B businesses can do the same but require a long-term strategy.

Whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur doesn’t matter. You’re trying to figure out how to grow your marketing agency’s digital presence–any outcomes are highly desirable.

What do you know which Facebook could be the most suitable advertising channel for your business at the moment?

Whether your ideal group has access to Facebook is mainly irrelevant.

If you are deciding whether a Facebook page expansion is the most effective marketing channel for your company right now, consider these questions:

Can you think of a piece of informative, inspirational, or engaging content while relevant to your business?

Do you have the capacity to continue your commitment to regularly publishing new, relevant content each week? Keep in mind that the quantity of content you post can increase traffic.

Do you require leads now? Or are you ready and willing to invest in the long term (plant seeds in the fall and reap them in the spring)?

Are you offering something that people can connect with? Does it reflect what they’re like as individuals?

Let’s look at each of these issues.

In the beginning, as you’ll be able to see when you watch this video clip interview of Lawrence, the people who use Facebook are most likely to interact with websites that fall into any of the following categories: inspirational, educational, or entertaining.


Imagine it this way Facebook is the latest television for many people.

People typically enjoy a break from other tasks while they scroll through Facebook.

They usually do not have a particular goal in their minds.

The second thing to remember is to be open about yourself when asking the following question: “Can I commit to the same strategy for a period of 6 months or more without shifting or being distracted by a different marketing trend that arises?”

Know that the bulk of the work needed to expand your Facebook profile is ongoing research, curation of content, and even content creation.

The content you decide to share must be able to balance being purely in the spirit of enjoyment and creating “good morale” in the target audience.

The content will be exclusively beneficial to the ultimate purpose of expanding your business.

Third, do you need immediate results?

If you’re interested, spend your money on Google AdWords, join an email marketing program, or test other direct-response options.

Facebook can be used for any company, but developing an engaged group of followers requires time.

Fourth This one is particularly relevant for Facebook people.

Perry Marshall pointed this out in an interview from a few years back. Google is about direct intent (“I would like to know more about X right now”).

Facebook is all about the persona of an individual (“I’m posting this post on my blog or like this Facebook page as it represents what I’m like as an individual”).

For Lawrence’s business Great Black Speakers, many people will surely like the site since it showcases the inspiring thoughts of black leaders and famous individuals who are part of African American history.

Are Facebook’s marketing pages better for a B2B B2C-based company?

It is also a crucial issue to consider before investing in the Facebook campaign to market.

My professional opinion is that Facebook is more suited to B2C businesses than B2B companies.


The majority of people on Facebook are on Facebook for “wasting” time in a casual manner, as stated above.

They’re not often thinking about purchases such as website design services, email marketing software, CRM software, or call center services.

In 2015, The Drum wrote that Facebook played a part in consumer buying decisions on the Internet and offline, with 52 percent.

One year earlier, in 2014, the figure was only 36%.

Therefore, Facebook is a lucrative marketing tool for nearly every business.

The most important message here is that If you’re a B2B business, it is essential to take a long-term strategy for Facebook.

The content marketing strategy (as I’ll explain in this article) is primarily executed in the B2C fashion.

Here are some guidelines regarding what you should post and how often for B2B and B2C businesses.

To provide an in-person B2B call center service:

Post humorous cartoons and memes about poor customer service or anything relatable to working in an office twice weekly.

Send a daily customer service idea with a photo of a professional and friendly contact center employee with your company’s logo across the top more info.

Post local news and events by posting an eye-catching photo every week. Make these posts with a question like, “Have you visited the haunted house that is located in downtown Houston recently?” This emphasizes and makes people aware that you’re in the local location. Additionally, you will be seen as a preferred service.

For a B2C internet-based reading application firm:

Every week, or at least once, Post positive statistics or research on how increasing comprehension and reading abilities affect the child’s future. Place this information over the image (such as one of a teenager graduating from High School) and add your company’s brand’s logo at the bottom. I have included a basic example below to demonstrate this idea.

Write a testimonial from happy customers twice every month. Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. It should be accompanied by an image and adhere to the format above.

Create a daily reading guideline to help parents increase their child’s reading ability. The format should follow the same format as above.


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