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How to Draw An Igloo

How to Draw An Igloo

How to Draw An Igloo. When it comes to surviving in some of the harshest environments, humans have had to find creative ways to survive against the odds of the environment.

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Igloos are a prime example of this, as these unique structures built from snow and ice helped keep residents safe and warm from the harsh weather.

These structures were built by the Inuit, primarily in Canada and Greenland but have captured the world’s imagination and have become an iconic symbol.

Learning to draw an igloo is a great way to design one without getting cold hands! This is the perfect tutorial for anyone fascinated by these ingenious structures.

How to Draw An Igloo

Step 1

It is known that these structures usually have a rounded dome design, which we have followed in this guide on how to draw an igloo. You can start by drawing a curved line for the igloo’s outer dome structure.

Next, draw a slightly curved, wavy line along the bottom left edge of the igloo, and then draw a shorter line along the bottom right edge. There will be quite a large gap between them where the door will go later.

Finish this step by drawing some short, slightly irregular lines to start the landscape background behind this igloo. Once these aspects are tracked, we can move on to the second step of the guide to add more.

Step 2

An igloo wouldn’t be of much use without an opening to get in and out of, so we’ll add that aspect to the igloo’s design in this next step. The entrance to the igloo can be designed to look like an inverted horseshoe.

You can then draw a straight line from the bottom right edge. Next, draw a curved line for the tunnel part of the entrance and give the tunnel a flat base with a straight line. If this entrance looks like our reference image, you’re ready for step 3!

Step 3

Igloos don’t appear out of thin air, so there has to be a person creating them and living in them. That’s what we’ll draw in this third step of our guide on how to draw an igloo!

The person we will draw is wearing traditional clothes, and you can start by drawing a circular design made up of jagged lines. These lines form the furry opening of the person’s hood.

Next, use some simple lines for the coat they’re wearing. The left arm is raised in a friendly wave and wears a thick glove at the end. Finish them off by drawing a smiley face and adding their legs and the shoes they wear.

Step 4

Igloos are typically made from tightly packed ice and snow bricks. We will draw this aspect for the igloo design in this next step. To do this, draw slightly curved lines along the central part of the igloo.

Next, draw some straight lines moving outward on the entrance tunnel and finish with lines going through the inside of the horseshoe-shaped entrance. We’re ready for the next step, where you’ll complete these setup details!

Step 5

You started drawing the individual snow “bricks” that make up the structure in the previous step of this tutorial on how to draw an igloo, and in this part, you will complete them.

Draw An Igloo

To do this, draw down a few rows of vertical lines from the different rows of the igloo to complete the look of each brick section. You can add some texture detail by adding a few small dots all over the igloo.

Once you have these aspects and details, you are ready for the final step! You can also add a personal touch to the image by drawing additional details or background elements to complement it. Before the last step, how would you like to finish this picture?

Step 6

This brings you to the last phase of this igloo drawing, and in it, we will finish with some colors. As you can imagine, we picked many great colors for this image.

Igloo Drawing

This helps sell the freezing environment and facility. We used shades of blue and gray for the rigid structure of the igloo and different shades for the sky and the ground surrounding the structure.

We then chose brown for the standing person’s clothing, and that added some color contrast. Watercolors would be fantastic for a softer, colder look to the image, but what colors and media can you imagine?

Your Igloo Drawing is Finished!


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