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How to Create YouTube Gaming Shorts with Minimum Effort?

How to Create YouTube Gaming Shorts with Minimum Effort?

Do you want to increase your organic views and subscribers? Click here, you can do this by creating entertaining and engaging YouTube videos. YouTube shorts were something I ignored back in 2020, just like you. After a while, I watched random shorts and didn’t realize it. I would go to the channel that I liked the best.

This was when I realized it was a great way for the channel to gain more viewers and increase its visibility. This was when I began researching how to make YouTube gaming videos. Here’s what I discovered:

Canva lets you create short gaming videos for YouTube. Only need to adjust the text and elements to match your channel’s style or mood. Then, you can insert the video.

The easiest way to create YouTube videos is the one I found. Let’s first give you an overview of YouTube shorts and their offerings. What are you waiting to do? Let’s get started!

What is a Youtube Short?

A YouTube video is approximately 1 minute long. It takes on a vertical form similar to a portrait-oriented mobile phone screen.

It’s similar to other short-form platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat Spotlight.

Upload a short, funny, or bizarre video to grab viewers’ attention. It allows creators to upload more content and get higher engagement for a relatively low effort.

YouTube Shorts: Why should you make them?

Humans have an average attention span of 8.2 seconds. This means we are less attentive than the average goldfish (9 seconds). What do you think these distracted people would prefer? Do you prefer a video that is 10 minutes long or 60 seconds in length?

YouTube shorts can reach the sweet spot for inattentive users. They are, therefore so, effective in attracting organic traffic.

Keep in mind that long intros and boring shorts won’t help you keep viewers’ attention. It would help if you kept your messages short and interesting. You can, for example, compile great gaming moments or offer quick gaming tips.

The Ideal Length

YouTube shorts are intended to be short and sweet. YouTube shorts can only be 60 seconds long. However, I suggest your YouTube shorts be between 40 and 50 seconds long. Be concise and focused. Do not try to pack too much information in your shorts. You can decide the length of your YouTube videos.

Let’s now see what you know about Youtube shorts.

Youtube Shorts: Why should you make them?

This is a quick answer: YouTube’s daily viewership of YouTube shorts was 15 billion in 2021. Even if you reach 0.0001% of the audience, that’s still 15,000 more viewers per day. If you could convert 1% of them into loyal subscribers, your channel subscribers would grow by 150 daily.

Isn’t this enough to make it tempting enough to create shorts? Here are some additional perks to creating YouTube shorts.

YouTube Creator Funds

YouTube awarded $100 million to some of the most popular Shorts creators in 2021 and 2022. YouTube rewards creators who have the highest engagement and views each month. This is an additional route to monetization. If your content is valuable and original, you are eligible for the Creator Funds.

Easy Sign Up for Subscribers

Subscribers to your short-form content will automatically be added to your long-form content. Over time, people will eventually start to recommend your long-form content (e.g., gaming tutorials and streams).

Evidence of Gaming Shorts’ Effectiveness

Anecdotal evidence shows that YouTube gaming videos are highly effective in growing a channel. Engagement rates for gaming shorts are a key indicator of their effectiveness. In 2020, YouTube gaming videos had more than 100 billion hours of watch time. This shows that gamers are hugely popular.

Another reason is the vertical form factor of the short, which makes it ideal for mobile viewing. It’s responsible for over 70% of YouTube’s watch time. This will help you attract new viewers and boost your channel’s growth.

Here are some tips for using shorts to grow your channel

These are some ways to create short videos that will help you grow your channel.

You’ll get more viewers the more shorts that you produce. It would help if you aimed to produce at least one every day.

To promote your channel, include a link in the video’s description.

Viewers will become bored if you continue to produce the same types of videos. Mix it up by trying different content.

Give viewers incentives to visit your channel if you want them to. Tell them there are useful gaming hacks or tips on your channel they should know. For youtube contant:

These videos are ideal for reaching a specific audience and then “selling” them a longer version of the topic.

Are you ready to make gaming shorts? Scroll down to find out what you will need to make one.

What are the Essentials to Make a Gaming Youtube Short?

To make your videos professional, you will need some things. The things you need will vary depending on the type of video you are creating.

This tutorial assumes that you are looking to create a short video that features some of your gameplay.

You will need the following:

  • You can use your mobile phone to capture a video of yourself playing in a vertical position.
  • Canva is an editing software
  • Recording Raw Gaming Footage

Recording and editing a video is the first step in creating a YouTube clip. These are some helpful tips:

Take out your smartphone and capture your gameplay on the TV. While your phone is vertical, you can do something in your game.

Use your phone’s built-in editor to cut down the video to the most interesting or humorous parts.

You should not exceed 40 seconds.

Let’s now make the video Youtube-worthy.

Canva: How to Make a YouTube Gaming Short?

These are the steps you need to make gaming shorts that have a huge impact.

Step 1: Sign up

Log in to if you already have an account.

If you don’t want to sign up, click here to create a new account.

Step 2: Choose a Template

This is the same theme I used to create a YouTube gaming intro. Search for “SciFi gameplay short”.

Select the 10th premade templates from the search results.

Step 3: Customize the Template

After opening the template, click the elements to alter their colors to match your channel’s brand.

Click on the text to make changes. This is the first clip. It’s a brief introduction to your gaming shorts series. It should be short and powerful, such as (game name), savage moments, or secrets tips.

Double-click the background video to select it, and click the bin for it to be deleted.

Click on the “uploads” icon to upload your main video. This video will be reduced to 4 seconds and show one of your best moments. You can also see what’s next in just 4 seconds.

Drag the video after it has been uploaded to the page at the bottom that displays all segments. Now, the video should fill the screen for your section.

Next, click on the video to select it. Then, in the upper left corner, click the scissors icon. This will display a bar showing the video’s length and selected section to play. Drag the highlighted purple handle until the video is approximately 4 seconds long. Drag the highlighted video area along the timeline until you find the video section you wish to play.

Next, edit the text to make it more specific and tell viewers what the brief is about.

Click on the text, click on “effects”, and select background effect.

Adjust its roundness to 17, increase transparency to 23, and spread it to 23.

Use the background color used for the second element in your theme.

Click on the text and choose “animation” from your toolbar.

Scroll down to “Scriptwriting” and choose the third animation, “bounce.”

The second clip is complete, so it’s time for the main course.

Step 4: Add your Gaming Video

Add your video to the blank page following the second clip.

Select your video file again in the “uploads” section. Drag it onto the page that you have just created.

To add a transition between clips, click on the “+” symbol between them.

Select “line wrap” to make it look similar to the other transitions in this template.

Step 5: Add a CTA

You must add a call-to-action in the final two clips. For the first clip, you will need to ask the viewers a question related to the video.

Add a CTA to the second image, such as “Subscribe for Fun Content!”

Step 6: Download the Finished Video

Click the share button in the upper right corner to download the video.

Select “Download” from the drop-down menu.

Click on “MP4 Video” to download.

You can upload the file as a short YouTube video.

Last Thoughts

Gaming shorts can help you increase your YouTube channel’s reach with little effort. These shorts are great for increasing engagement and attracting new viewers. You can also subscribe to Canva Pro if you want a theme that allows for more customization. You will find hundreds of amazing templates to give your shorts an entirely new look.

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