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Football Sports News Updates in Vietnam

Football Sports News Updates in Vietnam

If you’re a fan of cá độ bóng đá football, or simply want to stay updated on the latest developments, you can look for football sports news updates in Vietnam on some of the leading websites. There are several ways to get this information, and some of them may even be free of charge. These websites include the Thanh Nien Newspaper, YouSport, Thao 247, and Thao 790.


The YouSport website has live scores, news, and video content for every game and competition. The site is one of the most popular among sports enthusiasts in Vietnam. It covers football and other sports, including boxing and tennis, and has a calendar of events. It also offers betting games.

For football fans, the YouSport website is a must-read. It is the number one source of news on football in Vietnam. You can find articles, videos, and prediction games in English and Vietnamese. The website also features news and statistics on various soccer leagues in Vietnam.

YouSport 790

The YouSport 790 football sports news updates website focuses on football in Vietnam, but the content is not limited to football only. It also covers other sports and offers live reports from major international tournaments. For example, the site regularly provides news about the Vietnamese national team, which is coached by South Korean coach Park Hang-seo, one of the most successful coaches in Vietnamese football history. His team is currently competing in the 2019 SEA


The YouSport 790 website offers cá độ bóng đá sports news updates and live reports, and also offers ticket booking and refund management services. The site also features video content about various sporting events and provides predictions for different games. You can also play a prediction game, which is an innovative way of watching live games and finding out who will win the game.

YouSport 8X

For football sports fans in Vietnam, YouSport 8X is the ultimate destination. This Vietnamese website features a host of articles and videos on football and other sports, including live reporting on major sporting events. The website also has a prediction game and calendar of upcoming matches. You can be sure to find the latest news about Vietnam’s national team on 8X.

Apart from football sports news in Vietnam, YouSport also provides a full coverage of various sports, such as tennis and golf. It also features live reports and offers the possibility of booking tickets. There is even a refund system, which is very convenient for sports fans.

Thanh Nien 789

The Thanh Nien newspaper was first published in the early twentieth century and has grown to a readership of over two million. It is a good source of local news and features articles on issues of importance to the Vietnamese community. The Thanh Nien website has an extensive database of Vietnamese sports teams and events and a social media presence. This website has a long history in Vietnam and is one of the leading sources of news on football and other sports.

You can find news in Vietnamese and English on this website, which features videos and articles covering a variety of sports. The site employs journalists who have undergone background checks. It also provides live coverage of national and international football events. It is also one of the fastest growing sports websites in Vietnam.


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