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Home Home Improvement Floor Sanding And Painting – Which Order Is Best?

Floor Sanding And Painting – Which Order Is Best?

Floor Sanding And Painting – Which Order Is Best?
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Have you moved to a new home, or do you just want renewal in your home? Whatever the reason, floor sanding and painting can do wonders for the look of your home – but which order is most appropriate? Read on and get our recommendation.

If the wooden floor in the apartment, detached house or cottage is old and worn and may even have visible scratches or discolorations, then a floor sanding can do wonders. The same goes for painting your walls and ceilings if their appearance has also seen better days.

In the case of floor sanding and painting, the order actually has an impact on the entire work process. So whether it is you or professionals who have to handle the task, it is definitely worth thinking about whether to paint before or after a Gulvafslibning.

Floor sanding or painting first

The short answer to the question – which is also the recommendation here at Gulvkbh – is that the order is floor sanding before painting. However, it is not the end of the world if you have had your walls or ceilings painted and the next step is a floor sanding.

But why is the optimal order floor sanding before painting? There are several reasons for this.

·         Cover

It is possible to uncover your freshly sanded wooden floors so that they are protected from the paint stains that are almost unavoidable in connection with extensive painting work. On the other hand, it is a somewhat greater challenge to have to uncover newly painted walls, which means that they are very exposed when the floor sanding begins.

·         Dust

In connection with a floor sanding, dust cannot be avoided – this also applies, even though we at Gulvkbh use some of the best sanding machines on the market. They pick up almost all the dust associated with sanding the floors. Afterwards, the floor people vacuum the remaining amount of dust away. Therefore, it is a good idea to wait with the painting work until the floor sanding is over, so that you avoid dust on the newly painted walls / ceilings and thus also avoid the subsequent cleaning work.

·         Scratches

Part of the sanding work involves sanding the edges of the floor, which can result in minor scratches on the panels. Similarly, some of the finishing work with a polishing machine can lead to less spraying. For this reason, it makes good sense for the order to be floor sanding before painting, as it is easy to repair minor scratches or damage after sanding.

Get advice and help with your task

At Gulvkbh we have many years of experience with floor renovation. Therefore, we have also often been asked whether to paint before or after a floor sanding. As you have now read, our recommendation for the order is floor sanding before painting.

If you have questions about your floor sanding (whether it is before or after the painting work), or want professional help with sanding your floors, we can help you. In any case, we would like to talk to you about your task, for which you can also always get a free, tailor-made offer.


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