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Fascinating Recordings of Old Priest Rum on YouTube

Fascinating Recordings of Old Priest Rum on YouTube

Old Priest is India’s #1 beverage, and its darlings drink only Old Priest. Click here, on January sixth, 2018, at 88 years old, Brigadier Kapil Mohan, the man behind the notorious brand of light rum, Old Priest, died. He was a business person who filled in as an Executive and Overseeing Overseer of Mohan Meakin. He was additionally granted the fourth most noteworthy Indian nonmilitary personnel grant, Padma Shri, in 2010 by the Public authority of India under the exchange and industry classification. Since its initiation, Old Priest Rum darlings have needed the Priest and not thought often about costly single malts or insane wines. No big surprise, the brand never needed commercials to help its deals.

With Old Priest Rum’s monstrous fame, heaps of recordings can be found around it. The following are ten fascinating recordings we found about Old Priest Rum on YouTube that you’ll appreciate watching.

Being Indian: To That Old Priest Companion

This video by Being Indian is set to take you on a profound rollercoaster as it urges you to call that Old Priest companion of yours – there could be no more excellent accolade for the pioneer than that. The video shows two lifelong companions thinking back about old recollections connected with the times they drank Old Priest together. The person calling has not been in contact with the Old Priest companion for a considerable time because of specific errors. Since he has called, he needs to remember the bygone eras together.

Priest (A recognition for the legend, OLD Priest) – A Short Film

Many excited producers and priest consumers have made a film on the topic of Kinship and Old Priest. The film recognizes the soul of Old Priest and how it has wound around some durable fellowships. Old Priest has often saved everybody, from separations and irritating family members to bothering colleagues. The film stars expert entertainers Sanjay Mishra and Jeetu Shastri and is 11 minutes long.

ScoopWhoop: Old Priest Is Awesome

This accolade for Old Priest by ScoopWhoop centers around what bliss is and how it very well may be achieved. The video exhibits different occurrences when Old Priest has acted as the hero and has turned into a key to joy. The portrayal of the video is as a verse that features the job of the Old Priest in all the highs and lows of our life.

The English: A Bollywood Recognition For Old Priest!

The English have advanced with the Old Priest accolade by pounding it up with Bollywood melodies. They have picturized the video as a mashup of popular Bollywood melodies, with verses connected with Old Priest. The verses are peculiar and worth a tune-in.

Indiatimes – The Teetotaller Behind Old Priest | The Account Of Kapil Mohan and Old Priest

Watch this video if you want to know the whole story of Kapil Mohan and Old Priest. The video is straightforward and features how Old Priest acquired fame throughout the long term.

MensXP: Top Old Priest Mixed drinks | How To Make Rum Mixed drinks

Might it be said that you are arranging a local party as a recognition for the organizer behind Old Priest? Here is a video by MensXP which shows you how to make eight Old Priest Mixed drinks. Give them a shot, and you make sure to intrigue everybody.

3 Simple Methods for liking It Up With Old Priest

Who says you want extravagant fixings to take your dependable Old Priest to a higher level? Watch this video to see how you can skirt the good Rum ‘n’ Coke drink for something somewhat fancier yet not costly. Evaluate these three different ways and make your gatherings much more seriously intriguing. For more:

Buzzfeed: Americans Attempt Old Priest Interestingly

Buzzfeed has a progression of recordings that make Americans evaluate new things from various societies they have never attempted. In this video, they attempt Asian alcohol. The primary alcohol displayed in the video is Old Priest Rum. The Americans attempt it and respond in a particular manner where they say that it is somewhat more grounded than anticipated and resembles eating Indian food yet in alcohol structure. Generally speaking, the responses were positive, and they loved Old Priest.

Eat | Old Priest Drenched Gulaab Jamun

Eat makes brief recordings of yummy recipes. This video tells the best way to make Gulab jamuns and how to have them with Old Priest Rum. Old Priest splashed Gulaab Jamuns is something you might want to attempt next time you party. Become inebriated on dessert!

Buzzfeed India: Blazing Old Priest Pizza

In this video, Buzzfeed India demonstrates how Old Priest can be had with your number one food thing Pizza. It shows the café ‘Pizza By The Cove’ in Mumbai, which makes Flambe Pizza with Liquor. A dose of Old Priest has filled the Pizza, and they flambe it directly before you, and some other time when you have it, you can taste the rum in the Pizza. This is by a wide margin the yummiest video of Old Priest Rum on YouTube.

News Diverts Of 2017 In India On YouTube

In a world that is moving so quickly, something is occurring in each corner consistently. Also, any individual needs to be refreshed and side by side with the data about what’s happening around them. YouTube has now arisen for data for many people separated from papers and TV slots. Indeed, even on YouTube, news channels are continually contending to make news contact individuals quicker and be the initial ones to give the news to the watchers.

Next9NewsMedia is India’s quickest developing YouTube news channel which gives the public fresh worldwide insight about the most extreme importance, combined with the most recent news refreshes from the diversion, music, and entertainment world. The channel has timed north of 3 million supporters since its initiation.


In a brief time of its presence, Indian television has procured notoriety of tenable detailing, fortitude, the embrace of public interest, and its unequaled conveyance, which is of extraordinary worth to all partners. The channel has its dresser and deals portrayal of the nation over.

Their YouTube channel highlights insight about all classifications: public, global, show sections, diversion, or legislative issues. Aside from that, they also live to stream their Hindi news that is communicated on TV. The channel has collected multiple million supporters to date.

Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak is one of India’s best Hindi News channels. Aaj Tak news channel covers the most recent news on governmental issues, amusement, Bollywood, business, and sports. Their YouTube station likewise includes a Livestream of their news simultaneously communicated on TV. The channel has acquired 4 million supporters to date.

NMF News

NMF NEWS flare-ups the daily news perusing and brings to its watchers the genuine substance of every data at a single tick. Most recent news from India and the world, governmental issues and country, amusement, sports, and science. Their channel has accumulated north of 2 million endorsers since its origin.

V6 News Telugu

V6 News, Official YouTube V6 News Channel claimed by VIL Media Pvt Ltd. V6 News, a 24-hour Telugu News Telecaster, committed to detailing news across Telangana and different regions of the planet through live reports, making it known, sports refreshes, meteorological forecasts, diversion, business patterns, selective meetings, and current undertakings.

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