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Do you want to sing?

Do you want to sing?
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I can’t tell you how many listeners (men and women) came up to me after the concert and said they were “singing” to you “secretly”.

Perhaps as children they dreamed of things. Perhaps he started learning music and reading as a young man. But then another chance at work or marriage or motherhood came and the music went on in the background and I finally got off the bus!

The pianists recognized that longing in me; Just like doctors, social workers, marketing experts, guitarists, massage therapists… they go further. I tell them what I tell you. If you want to sing:

Everyone wants a song

I think everyone should sing. 풀싸롱 learning how is better than learning time or money. First of all, music makes you happy. Can you imagine the excitement of playing a song on the radio? What a young child does can be compared to music – listening to loud sounds and rhythms flowing through our bodies. We are musicians unlike other musicians. We are our tools.

Music has many benefits

  • But there are many more benefits to taking music lessons.
  •  You learn to be confident and calm. (She’s looking for more.)
  • Your breathing changes – it increases. Your speech is more difficult.
  • You assume feelings you didn’t know you had.
  • You will learn how to express these emotions through music.
  • You are sure to sing for others; be easy to control.
  • It’s easy to say how you feel.
  •  You can enter a full room very cheerfully.
  • In other words, there’s more for you!

And no matter how old you are. Perhaps now is the best time to fulfill your desire, to make your voice heard by speaking out; Or sing to your youth; a record of some of your favorite songs; Finally, know that you have a voice.

But again, this means that you have to spend money for these procedures.

One of my students, Claire Duchesne, is 59. Three years ago, she returned to music after a few years. He did not lose his interest in music. He is currently working on his second CD of good quality jazz music. His first reaction to his first CD (which I did) was brutal. And soon he will put on a second set in one of Montreal’s most prestigious jazz clubs.

Claire and I think alike about singing – “It’s never too late to sing! If you want to sing, do it!”

Different needs for different ages

People in their 60s will have different personal concerns and voices than people in their 50s or 40s. Every twenty brings challenges and rewards. But no matter how old you are, you have a lifetime of experience with three songs. And remember, in the world of jazz, blues and country music, they still love great singers.


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