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Home Health Dark Gums – A Symptom Of Something More?

Dark Gums – A Symptom Of Something More?

Dark Gums – A Symptom Of Something More?

It may not be very well known, but hundreds of thousands of people have black gums also known as gum hyperpigmentation. As the name suggests, the most common symptom is dark black spots or blotches on the gums. On rare occasions, It may be a sign of…

What Are Black Gums And Why Does It Happen?

The most common symptom is dark black spots or blotches on the gums. On rare occasions, it may be a sign of an underlying medical issue. Gum hyperpigmentation usually starts when the immune system reacts to something that causes inflammation. Sometimes, it can be triggered by a previous illness, such as gingivitis or oral cancer.
Gum hyperpigmentation can also develop as a side effect of taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, or other medications that suppress the immune system. It can also be caused by skin conditions like vitiligo and lupus
Dark gums usually don’t require any medical intervention if they are not accompanied by other symptoms of health problems such as sore throat, fever, and weight loss.

What Causes Black Gums?

Gum hyperpigmentation is caused by a variety of factors, such as poor oral hygiene, smoking, or even genetics. In some cases, it may be a sign of a more serious health concern. If you think that dark gums are the result of your habits and they are not going away after following these tips, contact your dentist to assess your oral health and determine if there is an underlying issue.
1) Brush twice per day with a soft-bristled brush
2) Floss once per day
3) Use mouthwash
4) Cut down on sugary drinks
5) Visit the dentist every six months for checkups

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What Happens When You Ignore Black Gums?

So what causes dark gums in the first place? One cause is a condition called oral lichen planus, which is a type of non-cancerous chronic inflammatory disease. It is more common among women than men. Other causes are fungi infections, hyperpigmentation, or a natural aging process. The only way to prevent dark gums is to avoid things that can cause it like oral lichen planus and fungi infections by practicing good oral hygiene.

How To Deal With Black Gums Naturally?

If you have black gums, they are most likely a symptom of something else. It is not always possible to know what caused the blotches on your gums, but there are some natural ways to help them fade. Try using a whitening toothpaste that contains baking soda or peroxide. You can also try chewing on parsley or celery sticks in order to remove any bacteria that may be causing the discoloration.

How Can You Prevent Your Teeth From Staining In The Future?

Here are some things you can do to prevent staining:

  • Use toothpaste that contains a whitening agent. – Brush your teeth at least twice a day. – Floss after brushing your teeth. – Rinse with mouthwash after brushing and flossing your teeth. – Make sure to brush the back of your tongue where most stains occur.


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