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Create a unique look with kitchen spray

Create a unique look with kitchen spray

Backsplash was previously thought of in kitchen design. It is simply a piece of tile behind the boiler or sinks to protect the wall from water and grease. Today, however, backsplashes are an important design element. Many homeowners remodeling their kitchens use the backsplash as a decorative focal point throughout the space. After all, most kitchens have the same elements – fridge, sink, oven – so there aren’t many options. If you’re considering a kitchen remodeling project, a unique backsplash can really customize the space. Below are ideas for backsplashes.

Ceramic tiles: Affordable and durable,

 Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice. It also offers several design options. You can create a colorful pattern or even use paint tiles to create a larger image. The board also requires little maintenance, although the board needs to be cleaned and sealed from time to time.

Glass tile: A greener option because it can be made from recycled glass, glass tile also offers a variety of colors and smooth textures. Glass can also give a clear or iridescent look that some homeowners like. Another option is to create a mosaic image with small pieces of glass.

Stainless steel: Low-maintenance stainless steel gives your kitchen a stylish look and includes shelves and spice bottles. Combined with stainless steel worktops, this option can provide a nice contrast to wood or bamboo.

Granite or marble:

 More and more homeowners are choosing granite or marble tile. Regular marble slabs are quite large, but they can be crushed and used in a process called meshing. Remember that marble is porous and absorbs moisture and grease. Granite is more durable and less porous; Twice a year, however, it has to close again.

Other material: Bamboo is a green choice for backsplash tile behind stove because it is a durable material. Paint and wallpaper are other options if you choose moisture-resistant varieties. Metal tiles can be made from recycled metals and their reflective surface can brighten up a room.


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