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Home Health Chemoembolization: An Effective Treatment for Liver Cancer treatment Farmington

Chemoembolization: An Effective Treatment for Liver Cancer treatment Farmington

Chemoembolization: An Effective Treatment for Liver Cancer treatment Farmington

You may have heard of chemotherapy but don’t know how it works to treat cancer. Chemoembolization (say chemo EM-bo-lih-Zay-shun) may be a big word, but the procedure is quite simple — and effective. Chemoembolization targets liver cancer treatment Farmington— more specifically, cancer that originated in the liver or spread there from other areas in the body. HOW DOES IT WORK? Chemoembolization may be a big word. But it’s a simple two-step process.

What is chemoembolization?
For many people who have been diagnosed with liver cancer treatment at Farmington will be offered chemoembolization as an option. Chemoembolization is a process that involves injecting chemotherapy directly into the liver via a catheter, which can kill up to 90% of cancer cells in this area. This treatment is used for patients with cancers originating in the liver or spreading there from other areas in the body, such as the pancreas or colon. Chemoembolization may also be used in conjunction with surgery to remove a tumor from the liver.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of liver cancer?
The signs and symptoms of liver cancer treatment in Farmington vary, depending on whether the cancer is primary or secondary. Primary liver cancer may present with one or more of the following symptoms: pain in the upper right abdomen, loss of appetite, weight loss, and jaundice (yellowing of skin and whites of eyes). Secondary liver cancer typically presents with one or more of these symptoms: blood in urine, blood in stool, and a low-grade fever that can’t be easily explained by other illnesses.

When should patients consider chemoembolization as an option for treatment?
Most patients who have liver cancer treatment Farmington are treated with chemoembolization when other treatments have not been successful or cancer has come back. Chemoembolization is also used to treat cancers that originate in the liver or spread there from other areas in the body, like the pancreas, stomach, colon, breast, lung, and rectum. Patients with cancers affecting these organs may be candidates for chemoembolization if they can’t undergo surgery because they are too ill. In some cases, it is used as a palliative measure to relieve pain without curing the disease.

How does the procedure work to treat liver cancer?
Liver cancer treatment Farmington is one of the most deadly cancers in the world. While it’s not as common as other forms of cancer, it spreads quickly and is often fatal. It’s important to get the right treatment so that you don’t end up like those statistics.
One such treatment, chemoembolization, targets liver cancer treatment Farmington — more specifically, cancer that originated in the liver or spreads there from other areas in the body. It may seem like a big word but it’s a simple two-step process that can help save your life.
The first step is an embolization procedure where they insert a balloon into your artery (or veins) and guide it to the tumor via CT scans or ultrasound.

Who performs this procedure?
Patients who are looking to learn more about chemoembolization as a treatment option can visit the website of the American Liver Foundation. The site provides information on liver cancer, treatment options, and ways to get involved in this cause. The foundation even has a free patient guide that talks about its mission and services, including chemoembolization. Those who live in Farmington, Missouri, can visit the Cox Health Liver Clinic or call 636-462-3565 to schedule an appointment with a liver specialist.

How much does chemoembolization cost?
Chemoembolization is an effective treatment for liver cancer. This procedure is a two-step process that involves a chemo agent and an embolic agent being injected into the hepatic artery, which supplies blood to the liver. The chemo agent travels through the hepatic artery to the tumor and kills cancer cells, while the embolic agents block off the tumor’s blood supply. The whole procedure can take up to four hours, but it depends on how large your tumor is and where it’s located in your liver.

Where can patients get more information on chemoembolization as a treatment option?
Kanetix is a one-stop shop to find your perfect health care plan. With our innovative and easy-to-use website, you’ll be able to search for chemoembolization as a treatment option, compare prices from different companies, and get all the information you need on liver cancer treatments in Farmington.


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