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Calvin Lane – The Tall Guy

Calvin Lane – The Tall Guy
Calvin Lane

If you are interested in knowing more about the life of Calvin Lane, here’s a little bit of background information you may want to know. The actor is married to Cynthia Lane, a Christian minister of over three decades. The couple has been together for a few years and have started a ministry called Jesus Christ Apostolic Outreach Ministry in 2015. The mission of the ministry is to provide ministry to those in jail, and Cynthia Lane has been a tireless fundraiser and organizer.

Calvin Lane’s height

Calvin Lane is an American actor, model, and spokesperson. He is 7 feet and 6 inches tall. He inherited his height genes from his father. He has worked in several movies, including Walker, Texas Ranger, Ghostbite, and One Less Tear. He is married to Cynthia Lane, and they live in East Texas.

He is a Christian. He was born in East Texas, USA. During his childhood, Lane attended the Ahliyyah School for Girls, which is a Catholic school. Later, he married Cynthia Lane, who has been in the ministry for over three decades. In 2015, he and his wife decided to start their own ministry called the Jesus Christ Apostolic Outreach Ministry. They also organize fundraisers for their ministry.

Lane is a professional model and actor. His most notable movies include Ghostbite and One Less Tear. In addition, he has also appeared in the miniseries Going to California. It aired for one season in 2001. Lane also appeared in movies like Official Doorman of Sambuca 360 Plano, TX. He married Cynthia Lane in 2011 and the couple has no children. He and his wife seem to be happy with their lives.

Calvin Lane’s profession

Calvin Lane is a big guy, a famous American actor, and a professional model. His towering height has earned him a name as the “Tall Guy” or “Big Guy.” Lane’s height has helped him in his acting career, giving him a commanding presence on the screen. As a tall man, he’s well suited to the roles of authority figures.

Lane is an actor, spokesperson, model, and a famous TV personality. He has appeared in several notable movies, including “Walker, Texas Ranger” (1993) and “Ghostbite” (1996). He also starred in the 2001 miniseries ‘Going to California’. He has also acted in several other movies, including “One Less Tear” (2003).

His favorite actors and actresses

Actor Calvin Lane is best known for his starring role in Ghostbite. He has also appeared in the 2001 miniseries Going to California. His other notable roles include Official Doorman of Sambuca 360 Plano, TX, and One Less Tear. Lane is married to Cynthia Lane since 2011. The couple does not have any children yet but they appear to be living a happy life.

Aside from acting, Calvin Lane enjoys camping, hiking, and Italian cuisine. His favorite color is black and he enjoys traveling to different places. He is also an athlete, spokesperson, and model.

His religious beliefs

Calvin Lane religious beliefs are centered around Christianity. Born on the fifth of September 1970, Lane embraced Christianity as his religion. His parents and family are not publicly known. He prefers to keep his personal life out of the limelight. He also does not disclose much about his religious views.

Calvin’s beliefs were formed through a process of gradual transformation. He began to see the need for reform in the church and became aware of the divine calling. His conversion was penitential, not schismatic. Regardless, this process took time. It required him to learn about the church and its practices.

After graduating from college, Dr. Lane went on to serve in several different ministry settings. His current position is as associate rector at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Dayton, Ohio. He was ordained by the Diocese of Louisiana in 2011. He is married to Denise Kettering-Lane and they have two children.


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