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Best Tips To Create Winning Online Exhibitions


Everyone has capabilities but not everyone has acquired the skill to display them. The exhibition is the best way to show these skills and talents since they compel the people to express a part of a person or a product. They expect it to be planned in such a way that the audience can comprehend and in a way relate it to discovering.

And now with the change of time, it becomes preposterous to meet physically without putting lives at risk so the virtual route becomes the solution. There is nothing that stops the world, even though confined to home, virtual platforms are a solace for businesses to exhibit their products and plans. An online exhibition platform for B2B, like Mixhubb, appears as a resurgence pill.

While the exhibition is most of the time limited to the demonstration of the art, that’s not the case. Exhibitions cover a wide range of displays, ranging from the display of daily use products or used as a way to show new technology and development in the sciences. Or as a simple display of the book.

But now every exhibition can reflect what they wanted to convey and now they can attract an audience. Because they fail at the very first basic point, which is to discern the audience and market. 

Below are a few tips to create winning online exhibitions!

1. Understand the audience

This should be the initial responsibility of any creator. First work should be done to infer from whom the product is and with whom they want to connect. Once the organiser gets an idea of the age group, the next step should be recognizing their liking and how they drive the market for the same. Online surveys could be handled where short questions would be asked. Now since the market had changed after the arrival of Covid 19 so the focus must be on inferring the changing taste and tendencies and accordingly the exhibition should be planned.

2.Prepare well 

For any event the starting point is the preparation of the event, to build a proper guideline and detailed concept note for understanding. Since tea is seen as a booster for the preparation the booster would be the ‘TEA’ strategy.

● Timeline: One should understand when is the correct day to conduct a program, consider a date that’s not close to festivals, and preferably choose a weekend day. After finishing with selecting the date, draw a well-structured timeline, keep gaps in between and don’t go according to the plan they have time to work upon. Also, when drawing a timeline remember to choose a theme that is related to the product and somewhat also related to the period they are conducting in.

● Event Planner: After doing the planning and drawing a rough estimate of the timeline, reach an online event planner. They are well aware of the online exhibition platform for b2b. So talk to them, and provide them with details that could assist to choose a better platform for the product. Besides that, by talking about the theme with them, they could provide better ideas for the event. Once done discussing the basic details, tell them about the expected timeline and ask them to ensure everything is in the expected period.

● Association: The events are the association between the speaker and the audience so never make it a one-way street. It’s a virtual town hall so try to cultivate the various kinds of views and include activities that would compel them to speak about their experiences and opinions. Have the option of live chat that even if they aren’t able to speak they could type it down so they could have a discussion later. Or keep these points later for review.

3.Promote well

To have a large audience is necessary to win as it enables the organisers to get large reviews and better ratings. For the same, it’s important to have a proper promotion strategy. It’s beneficial to have a social media that is aware of the tools required and the insight of social media. They should have an idea of the audience and the best ways to reach them, since each app’s concentration of the age group is different so should be a strategy. Try to focus on new techniques and use new features of the app. Sell tickets to have an idea about the audience that is going to be present and what numbers to expect. Draw beautiful posters and take the help of the graphics.

4. Invest in technology usage

Don’t bring in a simple online exhibition platform for b2b events where one speaks and the other listens using modern technology. Use the zoom and scan feature so the audience can get the correct idea. Provide them with external content links that take them to their site. This could help them, the creator, to provide them with more details and act as a promotional tool. Once they procure the details, give them the feature to download the file with basic information so they could come back to it again. Provide a video link so that with the help of the video graphic they remember it.

5. Go through the checkpoints

Always leave a review form at the end, so the audience could voice their opinions and make them even more competent for the exhibition. Use maps and graphs to make them familiar with the details that are hard to remember. Interact, make the event about them, the audience. End with a thought-provoking message that always forces them to think and get back to it.


The virtual mode has reduced the cost of transportation, and accommodation, helping in saving time and in the usage of the best technology. Now it’s easier to connect so try to divert these resources best into one concentration level, so they can give up the best. Don’t do anything more that is achievable, keep the deadline and the content achievable, not something that is not realistic.

The virtual world is bound to have less attention span so increasing the virtual experience makes them feel as if it is their event. Work as an audience, discern it through their eyes and then implement all of these. Wherever it takes to prepare a path of wish and hope, live through with expectation, to achieve the desirable.


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