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A business model that keeps on giving

A business model that keeps on giving

If there was an Entrepreneur’s Hall of Fame, Wayne Huizenga would be a charter member. Most people know Wayne Huizenga as the former owner of the Florida Marlins baseball team, and the current owner of the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. These are the kind of gaudy dishes that a billionaire car on lease Miami FL collects. However, his success comes from the most important business: mowing.

Mr. Huizenga started out as a part-time worker for a waste disposal company in South Florida.

 He worked in marketing and eventually bought a small company. In the 1960s, waste disposal was a local, independent, mom-and-pop type of business in the United States and most industrialized countries. There is no scale. Each waste removal company operates under a contractual agreement with the local government. There is always the fear that the political winds will change and affect the position of the employee in the future. From his perspective as a part-time worker in a highly fragmented industry, Wayne Huizenga knew he needed a safety net, he didn’t want to be tied to just a community to support his company. His idea is very simple: he will build a national company, using the right power and economy, by buying companies that bring independent waste to the important market. This will give us the ability to expand to every second market and organize this sclerotic company first.

This concept originated in waste management.

 Mr. Huizenga became a billionaire when his company rose to number one as an international waste importer with contracts covering the United States, Europe and Asia, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The simple idea of ​​organizing service menus by consolidating hundreds of independent companies under one roof is a completely disruptive new business model. For independent businesses, existing owners are encouraged to sell through offers of stock, options and management contracts. With $1 billion in hand, Mr. Huizenga could retire and collect art, cars, coins or stamps. He may associate with rich and useless people. Instead, they applied a business model that built waste management to an entirely different business model: home entertainment. In the 1970s, with the introduction of the first Beta-Max, and later VHS technology, to the market, and then with the rapid reduction in retail prices for home video players, thousands of independent retailers they offer videos for rent. The ability to rent tapes of popular movies and play them on demand in the comfort of your own home was a huge change in behavior and in the way entertainment was provided to people.

Wayne Huizenga is restless,

 Looking for new challenges and opens to any opportunity that offers high rewards. He found it at a small, growing company: Blockbuster Video. Today, consumers recognize the blockbuster brand as a byword for home entertainment. 25 years ago, best car lease deals Miami FL was one of the few movie rental chains, many franchises sold to promote growth, all regions, striving for capital to support expansion, and stores with regional flows horn. A fragmented corporate distribution channel in the waste disposal business immediately stood out to Wayne Huizenga. He jumped up.

After buying Blockbuster movies,

 Mr. Huizenga started a similar type of hosting program that he uses for waste management. A small, local video rental chain was purchased. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and expanded rapidly with the funds raised. Blockbuster’s power and leverage was used to buy products from major Hollywood companies on better terms than any competitor could negotiate. Small-town stores can’t compete with the thousands of stores that have closed, creating another expansion opportunity for Blockbuster. Blockbuster Video became a growing company with a large following on Wall Street. Mr. Huizenga has translated the success of waste management into various industries. When Blockbuster was at its peak, it sold the business to Viacom. Garbage disposal is an important but underappreciated job. Cinema rental is a small, but popular service. The same trading style worked well in two conflicting opportunity areas.

Video and waste management makes Wayne

 Huizenga one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Many people who have even a small piece of this kind of achievement will be satisfied and satisfied. Not so with Wayne Huizenga! Looking for a more fragmented industry, where the opportunity to set up local and regional companies will make video editing a success in waste management, will make Mr. Huizenga enter the world of car sales and marketing.


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