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7 digital tools for stress-free research paper writing

<strong>7 digital tools for stress-free research paper writing</strong>

Stress transmission into student’s life

The academic life of students has become toughest than it was ever before due to advancements in science and technology. On the one hand, early schooling requires different and multi-dimensional learning on the other hand higher education demands a deep and thorough understanding of the particular subject. It has been observed that stress level is higher among university students than among school-going individuals. Seven out of ten, high school children in the US suffer from anxiety and depression. The stress among university students ratio is 8 out of every ten, which is higher than the rate of stress in school or college-going students. (Bouchrika, 2022). 

Digital tools an overview

Digital tools are websites, programs, software, and online sources that makes any task easier than it is done manually and saves time. Digital tools have made student’s life easier and stress-free. It makes the learning process more attractive, fast, easy, and effective.

Technology into academics 

Technology has changed academics from manual, old methods of learning into secure, efficient, impactful, and fast learning. At first, globalization connected the world with the digital revolution then technology found its way to revolute the old learning methods. It has exceeded beyond limits and made information from all over the world accessible to anyone.

Teacher’s role in stress management and technology integration

Teachers are the impactful influencers that every student has in his life. Teachers’ attitudes and methods of teaching impact students’ learning and their grades. Contrary to this, if a teacher is not having healthy and productive communication with students it creates stress in student life and which is very common among university students these days. 

Are digital tools really helpful in stress reduction?

Research conducted by the research Centre (PEW) concluded digital technologies are making students’ writing more efficient and comprehensive also, they are shaping students’ learning abilities. Digital tools can save time and help in stress reduction, especially in writing challenges that students face in their dissertation making. For instance, students who study law have dissertation topics more complex than others, commercial law topics for research papers, and international law topics for research which creates difficulty for students and it results in stress.

Following are the seven digital tools that can help in stress-free research writing.


Grammarly is a widely accepted and encrypted digital tool that helps job keepers, writers, professionals, analysts, and especially students in their academic writing such as essays, assignments, and dissertations. It provides writing assistance in terms of grammar correction, punctuation mistakes, and suggestions for suitable words. Moreover, it enhances vocabulary and contributes to learning effective sentence structure making. It not only minimizes writing stress but it safeguards the data of the user as well.

Online writing services

Writing any research paper is not an easy task at all it requires all time focus and dedication with proper attention to work. A minor mistake can cause the research paper to fail, this element creates stress for the writer. Writing research has another stimulus for stress like professors’ heavy guidelines, timelines, complex topics, resource selection for literature review, and professional writing skills.  Online services are the best source to remove writing stress from your life such as digital marketing dissertation writing service and many other online service providers can help in making a dissertation or research without stress.

Cite this for me 

The main element of any research writing is the referencing and citations without that, research becomes unauthentic and unreliable, and referencing is another level of stress in writing a research paper. Cite this for me is a wonderful digital website tool that helps in making references according to the style demanded in research instructions and guidelines. Whether it’s a website source, article reference, journal, or any report; citing this for me remarkably helps in providing accurate citations of any of the styles. For instance Harvard, APA style, MLA, and many more.


A second major tool that helps in important citation and referencing whether it’s in-text citation, direct or indirect reference helps in all. It generates automated citations for the writers and reduces almost all of their burden by saving their time. It reduces research writing stress by storing, aligning, organizing, and citing references. 


(Statistical package for the social sciences) has transformed the research world. Data analysis and data management are the main steps in conducting research without the research cannot be proceeded towards the result. SPSS is a digital software program that helps researchers in complex data analysis, and quantitative and statistical analysis within a very short and limited time. SPSS reduces the researcher’s main stress which the data analysis step stimulates. 

MS Excel

It is one of the most commonly used Microsoft application which is a spreadsheet program that analyses, format, calculate, and saves numerical data. Research writing requires data analysis, plotting graphs, calculating statistics, and creating graphs to support their research with authentic and organized sources. MS Excel is said to be the best application that reduces human effort, reducing the stress of writing workload and completing all the tasks in more than half of the expected time to complete the task.


While doing research researcher searches for multiple sources to review the literature and cite them in their research as existing studies which takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and skill to present indirect narrations of other studies into own study. It creates a lot of stress for researchers when the professor and supervisor find any copy-pasted or word-to-word quotes material inside your research paper and put allegations. 

The solution for this problem lies in TURNITIN. It is a tool that acts as a deterrent against plagiarism. It identifies every sentence or word where plagiarism is found and provides a report for the writer to assess his mistakes himself. Along with reducing stress it also improves academic writing skills.


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