Katana Blades

Katana Blades

Katana Blades (Trans Woman)

There are limitless words to describe her. Courageous, efficacious, non-conformist, passionate, approachable, and vibrant those are just the cat o nines list.


As a professional dominatrix, Katana uses all of her charms and chalices to bring you to your knees and aid you in fulfilling your greatest desire to please her.
A resplendent trans women, she believes in living life authentically.


This certifiable bad ass served  15 years  in the Canadian Army. Katana learned many viable skills and is proud to have served our country.


Katana’s passions include a wide array of interests such as human rights support work, geek culture, anything skulls, and the education & exploration of all topics kink…and non monogamy.
When Katana is not preoccupied with progressing her professional film and modelling aspirations by creating impactful content, she is often socializing with friends and loved ones.

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