Investor Relations

Investor Relations

New Idea


We’re a New Economy business operating as a democratic, collaborative, and regenerative co-op. We support and bring together struggling and aspiring tattoo models in a positive and empowering environment. Models from all walks of life, shape, size, age, and race are welcome! Ex sex workers are encouraged to join to move away from the high risk lifestyle. Cam girls and adult actors are encouraged to join to move away from hardcore porn and to start benefiting from team work.

  • New Economy – An emerging better way of doing business that does not harm the environment and/or people.
  • Democratic – Members of the co-op and investors all have a say in how the business will be run. When it comes to business decisions everyone gets one vote.
  • Collaborative – All ideas will be welcomed and discussed as a group or on an interactive platform.
  • Regenerative – The co-op will have a strict savings plan to help make the business stable in the future. Half of savings interest will go back into the business as general revenue and the the other half will be reinvested to help make savings grow even when other revenue sources are slow.

 “The new economy is about increasing quality of life, improving health, and restoring the environment.” – Sarah van Gelder

At Canadian Tattoo Girls, investors or co-op members are people that contribute physically and monetarily to the co-op. Our models and support staff are all considered members of the co-op. Anyone that has also invested in the co-op monetarily is considered an investor.

Want to become a model?

Open Book Policy

We are not a publicly traded company but all co-op members and investors get a copy of all financials as part of our open book policy. Investors and co-op members earn money based on individual contribution levels. Our open book policy contributes to the cooperative community.

Monetary Investor

Monetary investors do not have to contribute physically to earn part of the after expense revenues but active co-op members are preferred and encouraged to become a monetary investor. Investment money will be used to pay for monthly expenses, additional advertising, and long term savings. Investment money will not be distributed to co-op members via the points system. If you would like to become an investor please send us a message from our contact page and we will get back to you with more details.

Points System

Investors and co-op members are awarded points for different ways they contribute each month. Points are accumulated each calendar year. The value of each point changes each month as investors & co-op members contribute (total outstanding or issued to date points), revenues change, and expenses change. Your points multiplied by the current month point value is your profit. At the end of the year ALL points and special points are removed before awarding special points. Special points are a way for rewarding monetary investors and people that contributed last year. This allows them to start the new year with a few extra points encouraging long term contributions.

Investment Amounts

Canadian Tattoo Girls allows monetary investments to start at $2,000.00. Active models can become investors at a discounted rate with monthly payments. Monetary investors will earn points and profits as long as the company is operating. Investments can be sold to other investors. The company may buy back investments but only by 51% approval of all investors. Buy back payments will be spread over 6 months. For each $2,000.00 increment invested you will earn the following points:

  • 10 points at the end of each month after your investment is paid in full
  • 10 special points on each January 1st


Canadian Tattoo Girls does not guarantee any set amount of return on investment. By investing you acknowledge this risk. All business expenses will be paid for first then 25% of profit will be saved. The remaining 75% of profits will be allocated back to the investors and co-op members via the contribution points system.