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Are you looking for a fun way to advertise your business, product, or service? Tattoo culture is a growing community that many people can relate to and it does not help to add a few models into the mix! All advertisers please go to our contact page to send us a request.

Why Advertise with CTG?


We are a New Economy business operating as a democratic, collaborative, and regenerative co-op. We support and bring together struggling and aspiring tattoo models in a positive and empowering environment.

Your advertising money will support our co-op, allowing more people to benefit from a new idea in a changing world.

Product Placement

We will add your product into a photo shoot; it will be imaged in a positive and fun manner. The price for product placements start at $100 per photo shoot per model and up depending on the product. The advertiser must pay for all shipping costs that may be involved. There will also be a link back to your website from the main photo shoot post.

Location Photo Shoot

We can have one or more models come to your place of business to do a photo shoot. Your signs, exterior, and interior will be prominently shown in photo shoot. The price for location shoots start at $200 per model plus transportation costs of the models & crew. There will also be a link back to your website from the main photo shoot post.

Friends of CTG

The price to have your business listed on our Friends of CTG link page is $100 per year. We will also tweet your link and make a post on Facebook for all our fans to see!

Website Banner Ads

We have two locations for banner ads on Canadian Tattoo Girls. If no ads a purchased then regular Google ads will be shown. The tower ad on the right side menu bar that shows on all webpages is $150 per month. The square ad at the bottom of all webpages is $100 per month.

Product Review

All products must be directly related to tattoo culture. Reviews will be $200 if your write it and $400 if we write it. Your review will be 500-1000 words, have 1 or more photos/videos, have a link back to your website, and optimized to your primary keywords. We will do spelling and grammar checks and make sure it is search engine optimized (SEO) then we will post it. We also reserve the right to edit the content of the review if it goes against of our co-op ideals or policies.

Logo Tattoo

If we have a model willing; then the cost will be $5,000 to have a model tattoo your logo on her body. If there is more than one model willing then the advertiser can choose which model. The model will choose the location on her body and agrees to not remove or cover the tattoo up for one year. The logo tattoo will be about 5×5 inches to a max of 10×10 inches size chosen by the model. Every photo shoot done by that model for the year will prominently showcase that tattoo and each post will have a link back to your website. NOTE: Models will be directly paid $4,000 and the rest will go into general co-op revenue. The models will be responsible for any removal or cover tattoo costs after one year.