Ginger Rouge First Photo Set

Ginger Rouge First Photo Set

Hi! My name is Ginger Rouge! I love pina coladas, long walks on the beach…actually, I’m a ginger who drinks way too much whiskey.

BDSM Plus Modelling

Music and the stage are my favourite parts of modelling. I love BDSM, what it represents, and using that in my photos. When I was younger I spent so much time doubting myself, and worrying about what people thought. Since I found the BDSM community, it’s taught me to love myself, and to have fun! We only live once and might as well raise a little hell while we are here. 😉 

Daddy’s Girl

I currently have 3 tattoos and 8 piercings. My favourite tattoo has to be my first tattoo. My music notes on my chest. I was 16, and excited to get my first tattoo. My father drove me to the parlour, signed for my tattoo, and held my hand. I’m a huge daddy’s girl, so that tattoo brings back good memories.

Pirate Sleeve

I’m in the process of starting my “pirate sleeve”. Every time I do something new, do something I’ve always wanted, or go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, I add to my arm. My latest (and only one so far) on my arm was my trip to California! (YAY DISNEY LAAAAND) I plan on more tattoos, LOTS more photos, and bringing all of you along on my journey. 🖤

Learn more about Ginger Rouge on her model page!

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