Top 3 Ways to Find Your Perfect Tattoo

Top 3 Ways to Find Your Perfect Tattoo

If you’re like the owner of Canadian Tattoo Girls you may be having a hard time finding your perfect tattoo. Even if this is your first tattoo or your tenth it’s still a big decision. Below are some ways to find your next perfect tattoo.

Perfect Tattoo with Personal Meaning

A tattoo that has a personal meaning to you is always the best tattoo. This will be the tattoo that you have been thinking of weeks, months, or even years. Normally, this tattoo is formulating in your head after some personal event in your life. Birth, love, major accomplishment, and sadly even death. It’s always important to bring your idea to a tattoo artist to bring it life for you. Many of the Canadian Tattoo Girls have tattoos with personal meanings.

Sara de Raaf - Perfect Tattoo
Sara de Raaf – Perfect Tattoo

Read Some Books

Read some books; not to just get educated but to search art books to get ideas. You can find art books at your local store, library, or online. Amazon has a very large selection of tattoo art books for you look at. Finding that perfect tattoo should be a journey not a chore so have some fun. A great place to see tattoo art is to visit tattoo studios! I would visit as many as you can in your home town checking out the books and pictures they display featuring pervious clients. Our Friends of CTG page may list a few local studios!

Online Tattoo Database

Another great way to find your perfect tattoo would be to join an online tattoo database. A good database will cost money but the ability to print and even design your tattoo before you go see your tattoo artist will give your tattoo more meaning to you. Click here to check out a database with over 7,500 designs!

If you have an addiction to getting inked then a large database will help you find new designs fast!

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