Charleigh Brown First Shoot

Charleigh Brown First Shoot

Charleigh Brown First Shoot

Alberta tattoo girl Charleigh Brown’s first photo!

Charligh’s love for tattoos came at a very early age, thanks to a couple of motorcycle-riding,  heavily-Inked uncles. At the age of 16, she was told that she could tattoo herself simply using a needle wrapped in thread and a certain type of ink and the search was on…. finding quality “India” ink in a stationary store proved to be less difficult and much less expensive than getting parental consent for a professional sitting. She bought her supplies, rigged a sewing needle in the end of a ballpoint pen casing, and her inking journey had begun.

She chose to tattoo a heart on her right breast and a cross of sorts on her left rib cage under her breasts. (Both have since been covered up professionally) When she turned 18, she and her two younger sisters went to a well-known Edmonton tattoo shop and had yellow roses tattooed on them in memory of their Grandmother who had passed. Since then she has sat in “the chair” more than a dozen times.


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