Female Tattoo Model Search!

Female Tattoo Model Search!

Model Search

steph-watercolourtattoo model search
Water colour tattoo – model search

We are doing a model search for female tattoo models that are 18+ years of age to join our cooperative & empowering team! Canadian Tattoo Girls will showcase tattoo models from all walks of Canadian life.

Female models from all walks of life are invited to apply! We are a body positive organization that does not allow harassment of any sort. This is a great opportunity to start a new chapter or new career. This is an on going open contract as you will become a member of our co-op.

New Concept

We are a New Economy business operating as a democratic, collaborative, and regenerative co-op. We support and bring together struggling and aspiring tattoo models in a positive and empowering environment.

Our business model will allow the models to help each other instead of competing for contracts as individuals. All models earn a fair share of after expense profits based on the amount they contribute to the co-op. All models are expected to help share website content onto one or two social media websites on a regular basis. This is the backbone of the cooperative! All models and support staff are considered co-op members and can become investors also, at a discounted price.

Models make money by:

  • Doing a photo shoot, and
  • Sharing to social media.

Models make more money by:

  • Having 10+ tattoos,
  • Choosing to be exclusive to Canadian Tattoo Girls,
  • Doing hair or makeup for other models,
  • Doing photography,
  • Editing photos,
  • Helping to organize events,
  • Modeling topless,
  • Modeling nude,
  • Becoming a paid investor in the co-op, and
  • Doing other to be determined business related tasks.

How Does the Website Make Money

The website will make money in a variety of ways.

  • On site ads,
  • Sale of photo sets,
  • Affilaite marketing,
  • Tips from fans,
  • Partner advertising,
  • Product placement and promotions,
  • On location shoots for partners, and
  • Any other ways the models and team may decide upon.

How to Join?

Please e-mail Ian “Tattoo Troll” with a sample of your tattoos or previous modelling work and your basic info/stats. If you have some basic questions please use our contact page.

We will continue this search indefinitely as we expand across the Canada. If we are not currently operating in your area we will keep you on a list and invite you when we do. Expansion into some cities or towns may depend on local model interest so please apply anyway!

2 Replies to “Female Tattoo Model Search!”

    1. Hi Gordon,
      Thanks for your interest!
      All support staff will be paid the same way the models are by contribution as a part of total website profit.
      Let me know if you are still interested!

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